Will My Breast Implants Be Ruined If I Get Pregnant?

Having a baby is one of life’s greatest gifts!

Whether you’ve planned to have children after your breast augmentation or pregnancy has chosen you, many women wonder what affect childbearing will have on their beloved breast implants (one of life’s other greatest gifts).

It’s no secret that these tiny miracles take a toll on our bodies. After hearing many opinions and seeing droves of before and after photos, I want to share my findings about how your breast implants may react to your new bundle of joy.

Pregnancy and Breast Implants

Pregnancy and Breast Implants

Your Breasts During Pregnancy (implants or not)

We all know that breasts are a key player in pregnancy. Commonly, tender breast tissue is a woman’s first sign that she’s expecting. In some parts of the world, it’s typical for a woman’s 4 year old to still be breastfeeding.

So if your hoping your breasts can sit on the bench and remain unaffected through your pregnancy, you might want to think again.

Subtle Changes

Your breast implant itself won’t be affected by your pregnancy, but most women notice some subtle changes in their natural breast tissue.

Since the milk glands around your implant spread from the base of your breast all the way to your nipple, many women notice swelling during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Another development that you might notice is a change in color or shape of your nipple and areola. Your nipple may protrude a bit more with the swelling and your increased hormones may affect the pigmentation (color) of your areola.

Some women report a darkening of the veins in their breasts. This is due to increased blood supply and is typically very subtle.

Here’s some good news…

Most of this is going to be temporary!

Swelling and tenderness will decrease, pigmentation will often revert back as your hormones decrease, and veins fade as your blood supply goes back to a one-person supply.

Another interesting thing about all of these potential changes is that they are not specific to women with breast implants. Any pregnant woman is bound to notice some of these variations to her normal breast appearance.

Welcome Some Change to Your Breast Implants

While many of these changes are temporary, your breasts’ appearance may evolve for the long haul.

If you have very much inflation of your breast tissue during pregnancy or breastfeeding, it wouldn’t be uncommon to be left with a more settled looking breast afterwards. That doesn’t necessarily mean you're going to have sagging.

Of all the experienced women that I’ve heard from on this topic (which is a LOT) a large majority of them are happy about the way their augmented breasts were changed by pregnancy.

Pregnancy may actually help you achieve the more natural look you’ve been wanting!

Be Proactive

You won’t want to keep your breasts tightly bound in a bra that’s too small, but don’t forget to give them some support during your pregnancy.

If you’re experiencing a much fuller breast along with your fuller belly, try sleeping in a support bra (maybe dig out that old recovery bra if it still fits) so that your breasts don’t carry all the weight themselves.

Here’s my biggest suggestion…

Keep those girls moisturized!

Even if you aren’t noticing that your breasts are getting larger, they likely are. That means that your skin is stretching.

I used my Boobie Butter on my breasts AND my belly 3 times a day during my pregnancy and managed to escape, without any "mommy belly" or a single stretchmark! My midwives said this was a huge accomplishment, and now they recommend it to their other clients. :-)

Wear Your Accomplishments Well

So your body has grown a life in it? And maybe even sustained that life by feeding it after arrival? Well, you are quite miraculous.

Ever heard of Kintsugi? This is a Japanese practice of taking cracked china and filling the cracks with gold. They do this because they believe that those cracks represent accomplishment and that they make the piece more valuable.

Whether your cracks come from pregnancy, or any other struggle or accomplishment, wear them well. Remember that those cracks allow power to shine through.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Very common question for women considering implants who are also may plan to have pregnancies in the future.

This is all great advice from Jenny Eden, and the bottom line is that while your breast tissue may naturally change with pregnancy, there will be no impact on your implants themselves.