How to Tell Your Surgeon You’re Unhappy with Your Breast Augmentation

No one likes delivering bad news.

Not good

I really don’t want to skirt around the topic of telling your surgeon your unhappy but it is a really tricky one to address.

Unhappy customer

If you found yourself in the unexpected position of being unhappy with the results of your breast augmentation it could leave you feeling let down, disappointed… even angry.

Really, the first thing you should do is to tackle the issue head on. And by that I mean: talk to your surgeon. For real.

I know it sounds a bit scary or intimidating, but the first step to resolving any problem is always to talk over your concerns with your surgeon.

Requesting a follow-up appointment (even if it’s outside your surgeon’s post-op package of care) will give you the opportunity to discuss with your surgeon what aspects of your breast augmentation result you are happy with and the bits that are leaving you feeling less than happy.

It’s key to go in to this discussion with an open mind. Because… the second thing to do is: listen to your surgeon. This might be a little harder than you anticipate if you’re taking an unhappy perspective into your discussion. So, bear in mind that reviewing your concerns may result in your surgeon saying things you don’t expect to hear.

It’s possible your surgeon may tell you to be patient (which is hard to hear at the best of times!). Although this won’t feel like a solution at the time it’s to ensure that you’re not judging your outcome from surgery too soon. The real results of a breast augmentation should be judged at 6-months post-op.

Or, it’s possible your surgeon may not see the problems you’re highlighting to them.


Sometimes it’s down to perspective… and expectations.

Getting it right again

The most important thing to understand when things go wrong, or you’re left feeling unhappy, is that the best approach is to finding your way to a happy outcome is with a: team approach. That is, you and your surgeon working through it, together.

If you’re just plain unhappy with your results and it’s not related to a specific surgical error or complication it may be that your expectations weren’t clearly communicated from the beginning. You may consider looking into getting a breast implant exchange.

Depending what the ‘issue’ is, the approach to makes things right again will vary.

Whatever happens though, bear in mind that:

  • Your surgeon will also be bothered if things haven’t gone to plan. They’re human, empathetic and want you to be happy!

  • Timing will be important. The timing of any ‘fix’ that is. If you need to get a revision surgery your time frame may differ from your surgeons... you might want it fixed ASAP and your surgeon will advise you of the safest time to address any issue. (typically 6 months to a year for your chest to fully heal before another surgery)

Whether you’re dealing with an unexpected complication after surgery or you’re just not sure you’re happy with your results, the first step should always be to reach out to your surgeon to discuss your concerns. Sometimes we are our own harshest critic. Time, patience, and an open conversation with your surgeon will be enough to get you back on the happy path with your new breasts.