Breast Implants vs Gravity: How to Support Your Breasts on a Daily Basis

Every great story has a villain, your breast augmentation story included! Whether it's Harry Potter vs. Lord Voldemort, Batman vs. The Joker, or Superman vs. Lex Luthor (for my husband), they are all sworn enemies to one another.

For us women, it's our bodies vs. gravity.

But fear not! Providing proper support for your breast implants will help them fight against the pull of our long-time nemesis, and these tips will definitely be rewarding if you’re diligent in implementing them.

During a typical day, no matter what your outfit is, I recommend that you always wear an underwire bra.

Of course it doesn’t have to be a push-up bra, but it’s very important that your breasts receive the additional support of an underwire while you are doing your normal day-to-day activities.

This was a pretty big adjustment for me, because I had gotten used to wearing shirts and tank tops that had a built-in shelf bra before my breast augmentation. But now I find them very comfortable, and I don’t even think twice about it.

With the average person sleeping between 6 to 8 hours a night, that’s over 2500 hours that each of us will spend in bed each year.

In the event that our breasts aren’t properly supported, that’s a long time for unnecessary effects such as stretching and sagging to take place.

To help keep your breast implants compressed (but not crushed), I recommend that you find a comfy sports bra to wear to bed each night. Keep in mind that this isn’t the type of sports bra that you would wear on the treadmill; rather, it’s one that will provide more support than your standard tank top. I get mine at Target, and they are typically about $15.

One last note on sleeping in a sports bra. Don't worry about coming straight to bed with it on—especially if your significant other doesn’t find it attractive. If I decide to come to bed in something more sexy for my husband, I simply leave my sports bra on the nightstand until I’m ready to go to sleep.

If there is one time when your breast implants are going to need the most support, it’s at the gym.

Whether it’s the up and down of running on a treadmill or the back and forth of Tae-Bo, you’re going to want to find a maximum-support/ultra-compression sports bra to keep your breasts tight against your body. This will ensure that the natural bouncing of exercise doesn't negatively affect your breast implants.

One last thing I want to make sure you know is that it’s totally ok for you to go without a bra at times.

Whether that’s on a date with your significant other, or even walking around the house on a lazy Saturday afternoon. The principle here is that properly supporting your breast implants most of the time, will help keep them from sagging over the course of time.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

This, like many things after surgery, is truly a balance. Jenny Eden provides great, practical advice here and I agree that balancing what's most comfortable to you and a good level of support will provide the best long-term results.