How My Breast Implants Enabled Me to Stop Dieting

I have a close friend named Claire who has struggled for years with her weight. “Struggle” is a term she uses—which was initially shocking—because to me, she doesn't appear to have an ounce of fat on her body! (Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration—but you catch my drift.) She will admit that she knows she is thin, and she claims to have an addiction to running and intense cardio exercise that has helped her maintain that appearance.

On top of all of this, she has tried every fad diet under the sun—from the cabbage soup diet to the master cleanse; the werewolf diet, and trendy programs such as Atkins and Weight Watchers.

“So why the infatuation with diet and exercise?”

Interestingly, she told me that she never wished to be so thin. She always had a desire to be fuller-figured and strong, but she was fearful of gaining weight because her body never distributed weight to her breasts.

“I’ve gone through phases in my life where I would try to allow myself to put on weight by eating more and exercising less,” Claire told me, “but the weight would always go straight to my thighs, butt, and stomach, and my breasts would stay the same size.”

“So that’s why I decided to get breast implants,” she finally stated. For Claire, it was more than just wishing to have some sort of cleavage that could fill out her bras, but rather a desire to feel confident in her own skin—whatever size that may be.

Her whole life she lived with fear of gaining weight because she knew that, at least if she stayed "thin," her boobs would be proportional to the rest of her body. However, if she put on weight, it would only further emphasize the lack of cleavage she carried on her chest.

I know countless women like Claire who struggle with body issues. Heck, if I were perfectly satisfied with the way I looked years ago, I would never have gotten breast implants to begin with. The thing is, it's also a proportionality issue...

For most women, getting breast implants is about way more than having a bunch of cleavage.

Since her breast implant surgery two years ago, Claire has purposefully put on 15 pounds because she finally felt comfortable enough in her own skin to be able to make that choice for herself.

"I finally am at the weight I’ve always wanted to be, and I feel stronger and more confident than ever—all thanks to my new breast implants!"

"I had the choice after my breast augmentation surgery to continue to diet and maintain the weight I was at if I wanted to, but my new breasts have given me a new sense of freedom. Not only have they enabled me to stop dieting, but they have also helped me to love my body and embrace every last one of my curves.”


Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

The goal is always to do what is possible to make you feel the most comfortable in your body. For some women, that may mean a breast augmentation to become more proportional at the weight where she feels healthy and most comfortable.