Bee Shares How She Prepared for Her Breast Augmentation

Today's guest post is from the beautiful Bee.

A breast augmentation is a decision that one will have to live with for the rest of their life. Knowing this, I took time to prepare myself for this procedure financially, physically, and mentally.

There was also a lot of thought that went into deciding what I wanted exactly. I happily chose to get 400cc high profile silicone implants under the muscle: the incision was through my nipple. As painful as surgery was, recovery was quick and by the fourth day I was out of the house and was even able to attend a bachelorette party with all of my friends.

Today, a month after surgery, I'm working on helping them drop naturally. Buying new bras and bikinis is so exciting- I can finally fill out a bra for once!

My family, friends, and coworkers have been nothing but positive support through my journey.

Brittney's Breast Implants

Brittney's Breast Implants

I knew I wanted a breast augmentation since I was in highschool, so that part of the decision process came easy. I was still a junior in college when I started saving money (two years before surgery). My goal was to save enough money put a large payment down and to be able to afford time off from work for recovery. All of which I was able to do!

Three months before surgery I began to prepare myself physically. I put a cocoa butter cream on my breasts every day. I used this in hopes to prevent stretch marks. It seemed to have worked, because now I have nice smooth skin.

During this three month period I made sure I was taking my daily multi-vitamin and eating healthy to keep my body strong. A month before surgery I started to take an extra vitamin C supplement, because I heard it aided in quicker healing. One week before surgery, I completely cut out drinking alcohol and smoking. I was told this would help keep bleeding to a minimum and help the implants to drop properly.

Immediately after surgery, even though I didn't have much of an appetite, I made sure I ate little snacks every time I took my medication. Doing this prevented me from ever getting nauseous. By my third day I was showering and was doing daily activities (like going to the bathroom) without any assistance. Although recovery is different for everyone, I feel being as healthy and strong as possible beforehand helped me immensely.

The most important step in preparing for surgery for me was picking the right doctor. I feel the number one reason why I healed so quickly was because of my amazing surgeon, Dr. Andrew Cohen!

I began researching different doctors during my last year of college (1 year before surgery). I chose to only consult with Drs. whom my friends had already gotten BA’s from. This way I could get honest opinions and see the final products in person.

I chose to get the incision through the nipple so the scar would be less noticeable. Now, it blends perfectly with my areola so it appears nonexistent. I considered the armpit, but my Dr. informed me that recovery would be twice as long.

My one fear about the nipple incision was losing sensitivity, but now my nipples are more sensitive than they were before! I'm proud to say this surgery was one of the best decisions I have ever made!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Thanks for sharing your experience, Bee! I know that your story resonates with so many women who've found themselves in your same shoes, and it's great to hear from you and all of the other women in Jenny Eden's community.