Breast Implants Bring Attention & Opinions

One unexpected thing you may experience when you embark on a 'new boobs' journey is how, suddenly, everyone seems to have an opinion! And... the 'attention' your new breasts may bring you.


Breast Implant Opinion City

Having an opinion is ok... really! It's just one thing that makes us human, after all.

Breast Implant opinions

I've heard it said somewhere - and I totally agree - that "the un-informed have the loudest opinions".

It's a fact of life that people will talk.

If you choose to share your news (about your impending breast augmentation, or of your new breast implants after surgery) be prepared for a variety of reactions.

Unfortunately, not everyone is supportive.

Be it face-to-face or online (e.g. comments on Facebook) you may find some people won't hold their tongue about your new additions (whether it's common knowledge or not!). Here are some ways to approach the haters.

Breast Implant Attention City

And then there’s the attention you may likely receive after your new girls have landed.

Having breast implants can be a bit like a blossoming pregnancy bump (stick with me on this).

Women think they can just touch them without asking!

Yep, it happens.

You'd be surprised the number of times I've heard women in the online BA community tell stories about other people wanting to 'feel' their breasts with implants!

Not surprisingly you’ll get different reactions from men and women. There will always be that one person who talks to your chest, not your face.

And then there’s the out-and-out, straight to your face.. ‘did you get your boobs done?’ questions!

Breast Implants and Attention

But it's not all bad attention. Somewhere in there there'll be some compliments. People won't fail to notice your new sense of confidence too.

What's your breast implant attention game plan, girl?

Plastic Surgery is a very personal decision. Whether you're prepared for it or not there will be some unmerited opinions and some new attention that you may have to 'handle'.

This may be one area you can mentally prepare yourself for (by being aware it’ll happen) but not one you’ll know how you will react to it until (or if) it actually happens.

Always be proud of who you are, and confident in the decision you've made.

Your approach to handling opinions and attention may vary:

  • You can try and take the ‘it’s flattering’ angle even though every bit of you wants to tell them to stop staring.

  • Choose who you tell, and what you tell - it can help to have your 'I did it for me' line to hand

And sometimes... it's tough, but you may need to adopt your best defense system and pay no attention.

Some of us like the limelight, others not. It may take some time to learn to let your new body confidence blossom. Given time, as you become accustomed to your new body and sense of self, you'll notice you are no longer bothered or affected by others negativity or prying eyes.

It can be a bit strange dealing with previously unheard opinions and unexpected attention. They're just bumps in the road on your boobie journey. Crucially, you have options... who you tell, what you tell, and how you live your life with breast implants.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

I'm sure that this at the forefront of the minds of many women considering or planning to have an augmentation. This is all really great advice, and I know that the women in Jenny Eden's online community can also provide excellent guidance based on their experiences.