My Embarrassing Halloween Costume Breast Implants Story

Ever since I was a little girl, Halloween has been one of my favorite holidays. Why? Because there are so many things on the Why-Halloween-Is-So-Awesome list! 

For example... I love movies in the slasher genre. (I know it’s strange, but my husband and I watched a Freddy Kruger movie on our first date. So romantic! haha). I also love candy, so no brainer there. And of course, dressing up to go trick-or-treating is a blast.

The first year I got my breast augmentation, I was especially excited for Halloween because I was finally going to be able to fill out the top of a costume!

And even though I had only had my augmentation about 2 weeks earlier, not getting a costume was not an option.

So two days before Halloween night, my husband and I got in the car and headed toward Party City.

It was a mad house. There were so many people trying on costumes that the store had setup a couple makeshift dressing rooms in the middle of the store that basically consisted of floor posts and black curtains.

Barely any visual privacy, but it helped move folks in and out. Anyway, I picked out 3 or 4 costumes and got in line for the dressing rooms.

About 30 minutes later, it was my turn, and my husband stood guard outside the curtain. I tried on a bumble bee, police woman, fairy and Raggity Ann outfit.

The bumble bee outfit was too revealing for the kids in our neighborhood; but I knew my husband would love it, so I called him in to see it on me before I changed again.

Apparently the curtains provided a false sense of privacy, because as soon as he came into the dressing room he border-line shouted...

“Holy crap, your boobs look HUGE! I wish I could grab them!”

It was in that moment we realized everyone within 20 feet of the dressing room had heard every word. With a bright red face, I sent my husband sheepishly out of the dressing room to face a crowd that was laughing hysterically.