Video: Halloween Costumes and Breast Implants

I love dressing up for Halloween. I always have. So needless to say, I was so excited about trying on some sexy costumes for very my first Halloween with breast implants. My husband was really excited about this, too.

Video Transcript

Today I wanted to tell you a story that happened to me before Halloween, when I had just gotten my breast augmentation.

I got my augmentation about four years ago, and it was around October 21st because I remember having a good 10 days before Halloween. I LOVE Halloween, and as you can see, I was a pirate last year. It's a little tight on me this year, but I wasn't 22 weeks pregnant when I bought, so keep that in mind :-)

I love dressing up for Halloween. I always have, ever since I was little. So when I was going to get bigger boobs, that was the first thing I thought of. I was going to be able to get a really sexy costume to wear for my husband for the first time!

So we went to Party City. I was still recovering at that point, so I hadn't really shown my husband very much of what was going on. I might have given him a little sneak peak, but he hadn't really seen them up to this point.

Now, the whole world goes to Party City the day before Halloween. So when we walk in, there were more people than I've ever seen trying to get in a dressing room to try on costumes. We went over the wall and started picking out things for me to try on.

I had always wanted to try on a bumble bee costume—I don't know why, I've just always thought they looked really cute.

After waiting through the first line to get the costume, then the second line for trying on the costume, it was finally time for me to try on my costumes. But they were so busy, they didn't have their regular changing rooms. Instead, they had makeshift changing rooms that were just sheets setup about the size of a PortaPotty.

I go in, take off my recovery bra, and put on the costume. I said to my husband to come in and take a look at the costume, and he came into the dressing room. While he was in there, I pulled down my top because I thought it would be funny. It was the first time he really got to see my breast implants, and he completely lost his volume control and yelled, "Oh my god, your boobs are so huge!!"

And then we heard the silence... upon realizing that everyone in the store had heard what he had screamed, I was like, "Uhhhh... well, you have to go back out there, now." So he had to walk back out in front of all those people, everyone was laughing at him, and it was hilarious. It was one of those memories I'll never forget.

So if you're freshly post-op, I encourage you to go to Party City and try on some costumes. You might get quite the response!

I do have a question I wanted to answer from Twitter. She writes, "Where can I get a sexy Halloween costume?"

Party City is obviously super convenient. There are also sites like, 3 Wishes, Spirit Halloween. I did a blog post a couple of weeks ago highlighting my favorite sexy Halloween costumes that I thought looked really good with big boobs.

Another thing I want to suggest, especially if you're going to a Halloween party, I would invest in some double-sided body tape just to make sure your girls don't pop out. Also, I know some women wear Spanx. I've never worn a pair, but everyone I know who has will swear by them.

Whatever you do, get some double sided tape so that when you're jumping around, other things don't jump out when you don't want them to.

If you have any questions, just submit them below and I will answer them at the end of my next video or the one after that. Thanks for stopping by, and I look forward to connect with y'all later!