Glee Actress Naya Rivera Getting Heat Over Breast Implants

Can you imagine living in a town as judgmental as Hollywood? Naya Rivera lives a life full of red carpet premiers and photo shots, where the pressure to be perfect has got to be overwhelming. She’s definitely scored ‘best body’ recognition, and now she’s getting mixed feedback for potentially getting breast implants.

Pictures can make it hard to tell… although a photo that Naya posted to her Instagram on the beach with Big Sean reveals a much larger look than we're use to seeing on her.

Naya Rivera Bikini

Naya Rivera Bikini

And yet a picture taken later event reveals Naya looking more naturally proportioned in a sleek black dress. As any woman with or without implants can attest, sometimes your breasts look much bigger than other times.

Naya Rivera Augmentation

Naya Rivera Augmentation

Of course celebrity surgeons have weighed in their professional opinions. Most estimate Naya upgraded from a small B up to a large C or small D.  Some might argue her new breasts look larger than a small D, but keep in mind her petite chest frame must be taken into account. Still, because of push up bras and bathing suits, doctors say they can never know for certain if a woman has had work done unless they see her without any garments on.

Personally, I think Naya looks gorgeous either way, but several critics are after her big time. After all, she’s a Glee star and there are certain expectations of her to be a sweet little girl—not a confident woman. Some even say she is copying Kim Kardashian—but let’s wait to see if she gets a butt augmentation to make that call :-)

Here’s what I’m leaning…

Whether your famous or an everyday girl, there will always be people who are going to judge.

It’s all they know how to do. So to some degree we can all relate.

Ultimately, I hope Naya isn’t getting plastic surgery to convince herself that she is valuable or to keep up with the rest of Hollywood. She’s obviously a beautiful woman, and I wish her the best.

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

I have to admit, I just don't care much about celebrity. I've met some wonderful people in my life. Some of the wonderful people are famous, some are not, but I care way more about the wonderful than the famous. So when I see posts about famous people getting or not getting implants. . .meh.