Breast Implant Dilemma: Friends and Family that Don't Approve

Whether you’ve asked for your beloved friend's opinion on breast implants or you’re on the receiving end of your dear aunt’s unsolicited advice, chances are someone is going to think your upcoming breast augmentation is a bad idea.


Don’t let it get you down...

In my experience, every single person who wants to give you advice about how big your boobs should be falls into one of two categories:

Elephants or Peanuts.

And before you respond to their advice about breast implants, it's really important that you identify if they're an elephant or a peanut—because your response should be much different between the two.

For Deep and Meaningful Relationships

These are the elephants in your life... the people who care most about you and want nothing but the best for you.

If the person delivering the opinion has deep levels of influence in your life, seriously, hear them out—especially if you asked for their thoughts on breast augmentation. When I'm receiving feedback or criticism from the elephants in my life, I try to remind myself that leading with my emotions probably won’t be helpful.

Remember that they are coming from a place of love and concern, and their intentions for you are good. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have a deep and meaningful relationship with them, right?

Be sure to thoughtfully explain your position on breast augmentation. Let them know you’ve done your homework, that you feel confident about your choice to get breast implants, and how much you would appreciate their support. That confidence might be just what they need to see to put their mind at ease! And remember, it's ok if they still don't agree with your decision.

Seeing the world exactly the same way isn't a requirement of being well loved.

For Opinions from the Peanut Gallery

Oh the peanuts... the people in your life who are on the sideline and honestly don't know much about you (or breast implants for that matter).

It's the cousin that you see twice a year (who must have heard about your breast augmentation from you aunt, who heard it from your mom, who has some negative opinions about your upcoming additions).

And unless you’re in the mood to educate your audience about breast implants over Easter lunch (which I don't recommend), a simple smile and “Thanks for your concern!” is totally appropriate.


Seriously, that's all you have to say. If someone hasn't earned an influential space in your life, they haven't earned the right to help you move a position—especially on something as personal as your breasts. There's no need for you to be rude or get offended... just deflect it and move on.


YOU get to decide who gets influence who gets boundaries. The only person who controls your feelings is you.

Elephants and peanuts.

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Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Excellent advice from Jenny Eden here on how to approach these conversations. Her online community is also a great resource to speak with other women who've had similar experiences and can provide guidance from several perspectives.