Breast Implants: Four All-Natural Habits to Keep Them Perky

As you might know, I’m big fan of healthy eating and toxin-free living.

Of course I love the occasional deep dish pizza (with extra sauce, extra cheese and jalapeños on the side)

However, for everyday living, I prefer to care for my body with all-natural methods and cosmetics as opposed to the typical chemical-based options.

When it comes to the overall health and elasticity (i.e., perkiness) of your breasts, skin care goes a long, long way. And the best part is, it’s really easy to ensure long-term health of your skin by incorporating four simple habits into your daily routine.

Stay Hydrated to protect your breast implants

Did you know that one of the main causes of unhealthy, non-elastic skin is dehydration? Since water is one of the main ingredients that our body uses to flush out toxic compounds, our skin is naturally tighter and more vibrant when we are drinking eight to ten glasses of fresh water daily.

I keep a big glass water bottle with me all day to help me remember. Also, be sure not to drink too much coffee or soda, because drinks like these (diuretics) draw water out of your skin.

moisturize after your breast augmentation

Because of it’s massive health benefits (and wonderful smell!), coconut oil is one of my favorite ingredients to use in the kitchen. But one thing many people don’t know is that coconut oil is one of the world’s best skin moisturizers.

Since your skin’s pores are open from the hot water, the best way to use coconut oil is to apply it to your breasts immediately after you get out of the shower. I keep a jar on my bathroom counter and use it year ‘round. (As a side benefit, applying coconut oil to your skin will help protect it from free radical damage!)

Keep Breast Implants perky

Vitamin E is an amazing supplement that I’ve been taking for several years. Not only does it stimulate your body to produce collagen, it also promotes production of elastin which helps your skin maintain elasticity and prevents wrinkles.

I’m a huge fan of the Alive Max Potency Whole Food Multi-Vitamins, and they contain 200 IU’s of Vitamin E (267% DV).

what does butter have to do with breast implants?

Another great way to keep your skin healthy is to replace the fake butter in your kitchen (margarine) with real butter. Real butter contains one of your body’s most critical polyunsaturated fatty acids called “Arachidonic Acid.” Not only does it help with brain function, but it also plays a key role in the overall health of our skin.

And there you have it! Four simple, toxin-free, all-natural habits that any of us can do to help ensure beautiful perky breasts. I hope you'll give them a try, and I'm looking forward to hearing how it goes.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

One of the things that I find so helpful with Jenny Eden's articles is her desire to help women with overall wellness, above and beyond being a trusted resource for breast augmentation. This, like many other articles, provides some great information on healthy living.