How to Fight the Frump after your Breast Augmentation

The right outfit can make you feel amazing, that goes for before and after breast implants!

Breast Implant Fashion

Finding clothes to flatter your breast implants is super fun. But it can also a case of fashion or frump!

Dressing bigger breasts can be hard—especially if you’ve never had to before.

When you’ve got your new curves you may find you have to put more thought into what you're wearing.

After a fair bit of getting it wrong myself I've learned some tricks to getting things right.

After breast implants, focus on Fit (not size)

Even if something feels like it's a good fit, your new larger breasts can make you look frumpy. Certain fabrics, prints or colors may not be your friend anymore.

And, then there's size...

Girl, I know the pain of having to buy a size at the store which isn't your usual size!

Get to grips now with the fact you may have to go a size bigger in some things to accommodate your breast implants. Don’t focus on the number, focus on the fit.

breast implants

You need things which accentuate your figure, rather than just hang off your boobs like a tent.

After Breast Implants, Accentuate Your Waist

Focus on your waist?!

Breast implants.gif

Seems strange right after you’ve invested in your chest, doesn't it? But, trust me... the key to body balance is a little nip to the waist. Aim for an hourglass figure and you'll balance out pretty much anything you wear.

Top tip: try tucking tops into pants, or accessorizing a dress with a belt.

Fashion trial and error after a breast augmentation

Wardrobe struggles and clothing casualties can be a funny after-effect of getting a breast augmentation!

All of this means the process of trying on your old wardrobe of clothes will be a mix of whoops and cries!

Some things will go, some things will stay and some forgotten or unloved things will get a new lease on life (cue the 'happy wardrobe dance'!). AND where there are now gaps in your wardrobe... go shopping!!!

It can be really difficult to find clothes to 'fit' your new girls.

A lot of clothes are not designed for women with big boobs!

Figuring out what is most flattering for your new body type is going to be an ongoing thing.

Top tip: if you’ve got any skills in the sewing department (or you know a good tailor) the clothing world is your oyster!

Wear the right bra after your breast augmentation!

All of the advice for dressing your new figure will be like fighting a losing battle if you don't wear the right bra.

Bras after a breast augmentation

The bra you wear will be the key to many of your outfits.

Accept that you'll need a variety of bras... a sports bra is key during any activities but your everyday bras will also need to offer the right support too. Accept that some of the new bras you buy will need to be form over fashion.

Know who you are (with or without breast implants)

Now this IS key to how you dress with your new girls.

Changing your body can make you think more about who you are.

So don't try and be something you're not.


Some women choose to keep their new girls a secret (really!) and some want to showcase the new girls.

Whichever way you choose to dress after your surgery do it with pride.

Find your can's and can't's

When you've tried everything on in your wardrobe you'll know what makes you look (and, more importantly, feel) good.

A few things most of us find out are that:

  • Dresses may be difficult (unless material is stretchy) to get it to fit your body and accommodate breast implants. Fitted or tailored clothes will flatter the best.

  • Button up shirts may be a no-go... think button popping, fabric stretch-to-peephole girl!

  • Fitted tee's and tanks will highlight your new assets the best.

  • Loose tee's are great if you want to dress conservatively but you need to watch out for the 'billowing effect', when there's loads of loose fabric swaying around your middle . You don't want to look like a parachute!

  • Turtlenecks and horizontal stripes are great for the boobie greed days! They make your chest look YUUUGE.

Getting clothes right after a breast augmentation is a dilemma you might not even have thought of. Most of us think of all the new possibilities but not so much about the chance we could end up feeling frumpy.

It’s not all low-cut tops after a BA!

To emphasize yet flatter your new bombshell figure, try to discover out how you want to dress up (or dress down) your new girls and have fun trying out different outfits. Done well, you can fight the frump and look amazing, you just have to understand your own body.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

This is clearly outside of my area of expertise, but I will take Jenny Eden's word for it. I know that advice like this and from many of the other women in her online community has been really helpful for women going through the journey before and after having a breast augmentation.