The Timeline of Eden Knows Implants

There are few things more valuable than our personal reputation. Therefore, I promise to be completely transparent in everything that I ever choose to put my name on.

I hope you will take a few minutes to enjoy how Eden Knows Implants started as a humble blog on a failing laptop, and has led to me moving to Raleigh, NC to run Eden Knows Implants and Bustmob with the amazing team at DP Brands.


I got my first breast augmentation, and had a really bad experience.


I decided to create a website to help women avoid all of my mistakes, especially my surgeon and implant choice.


Eden Knows Implants (EKI) was launched with 5 articles and a laptop battery that died every 20 minutes.


Women actually started following me and reaching out to me for breast augmentation advice... crazy!


I finally decided to get a revision. Genuinely believing them to be the best practice in the nation, I selected Davis and Pyle Plastic Surgery and released a documentary of my experience.


EKI continued to grow and we launched a safe, private community for women called Bustmob!


In order to help more women than I ever dreamed possible, I accepted an opportunity to move from Nashville, TN to Raleigh, NC and become part of DP Brands!