Will My Breast Implants Look Different If I Breastfeed?

For many women, a hesitation to getting breast implants is directly linked to a desire to breastfeed their future children. There are many important questions around this topic, and today I want to focus on a new study that has reported the effects of breastfeeding on women with breast implants.

The research evaluated breast measurements in 57 women who breastfed with an augmentation, and 62 women with breast implants who did not breastfeed.

Against the expected results, the study found that breastfeeding will not turn your perfectly augmented breasts into “rocks in socks.”

Dr. Norma Cruz, from the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine in San Juan, reports that "breastfeeding does not appear to further cause breasts to sag in women who've had breast augmentation, because breast sagging results from changes brought about by the pregnancy itself—not breastfeeding."

That’s great news for many of us! And on a side note, I’ve known many women who are actually happier with the look of their breast implants after pregnancy and nursing.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

There are two main questions that women have related to implants and breast feeding. The first is whether they will still be able to breastfeed after an augmentation, and since the implants are always placed below the breast tissue (whether above or below the muscle) there is no impact on the ability to breast feed.

The second is whether having implants will change how their breasts look after pregnancy and breastfeeding; your commentary here is important since the changes that may happen to your breasts with time or pregnancy would occur whether or not the implants were there.