Eden's Favorite Thing About Breast Implants

Recently, my friend Margaret landed the interview she had been fighting to get for the last month. She was audibly excited as she called and told me about the outfit she had just picked up from the mall for her interview.

“It’s going to help me make the perfect first impression!” she explained.

With confidence like that, is it any surprise that Margaret ended up beating out several other candidates for the position?

We all know the outfit itself wasn’t confidence, it was simply a catalyst that created more confidence within Margare Similarly, I love seeing how breast implants create confidence in women... whether that’s in an evening dress, in a bikini, in the bedroom, or simply in themselves.

A great example of this is in before and after pictures. So often, a woman will have some very pronounced tan lines in her “after photo” that weren’t present in her “before photo,” because for the first time ever she has enough confidence to wear a bikini on the beach. Isn’t that beautiful?

Let me tell you why I get so excited about helping women who are considering a breast augmentation...

I really do believe that having the proper size breasts is crucial for all of us women to feel “at home” in our own bodies, and the only person who can define “the proper size” for us is ourselves. And while some women’s genetics create the proper size for them, some of ours didn’t.

Breast augmentation provides an exciting means to that end, and shame on anyone who doesn’t support a woman’s desire to feel at home.

Side Note

Along with our biological clocks, this is one of those things in life that men will never be capable of fully understanding—which is perfectly fine, it’s just important to remember.

To close, I want to be certain I’m clear about one thing...

Having the proper size breasts is not an intrinsic part of feeling beautiful or loving yourself.

They will not fix your brokenness. Quite the opposite, breast implants should be an addition, an augmentation if you will, to the unconditional love and value each woman should feel for themselves before having the procedure.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

I really appreciate that Jenny Eden has included articles like this one in her series. It's a privilege that we can be a part of that process, and there really are few things that compare to seeing someone exuding a new level of confidence.