The Durability of Your Breast Implants!

Breast implants really are compatible with all sorts of lifestyles… even extreme ones!

Sky Diving

I often get asked about the durability of breast implants. And yes, you can go skydiving with breast implants and no, you won’t rupture them!

Worrying that somehow, something you do will ‘pop’ one of your implants is a genuine worry for many women who’ve had a breast augmentation.

Safe as…

Let me go ahead and dispel some of the common worry myths about breast implants…

The most asked questions I get about breast implant strength are:

If someone hugs be too hard will my implants pop? Answer: No!

If I sleep on my stomach will my implants pop? Answer: No!

If my toddler kicks my in the chest will my implants pop? Answer: No!

If I get in a car wreck will my implants pop? Answer: No!

Implants are designed to be strong and withstand the pressures of the things we do everyday (like sleeping on our stomach) and some of the less common things (like skydiving!).

The implant shell (the outer bit - holding the filling in) will stand up to a LOT of pressure.


The only thing we don’t want to do with an implant is twist it, as this will damage the implant shell (and a damaged shell means there’s a chance of rupture - the filling coming out of the shell).

But, there’s really no way you can twist an implant that’s inside your body anyway.

When an implant does rupture it’s more often than not (with a silicone implant) called a ‘silent’ rupture. It gets called silent as you won’t know it’s ruptured (there won’t be any obvious signs). A ruptured saline implant is SUPER obvious as the liquid saline filling will empty and the breast would deflate… like a flat tire.

If a silicone implant develops a weak spot overtime, it may develop a tiny pin prick hole. What’s good about the current silicone implants though is that they are so cohesive that even if a hole in the outer shell appears the filling ain’t going nowhere!

So, if you’re worried about sleeping on your stomach worry no more! It’s totally safe. Your implants are totally fine. Even with saline implants (which I have), a kick to the chest from a toddler (which I’ve had many times!) is not going to pop your implants.

If you really want to see how durable a breast implant is check out my YouTube video on breast implant durability.