Candid Thoughts: Dressing Intentionally for My Husband

My husband and I didn't have the best first year. In fact, we refer to it as, "The worst year of our lives." Why?

Because it was the. worst. year. of our lives.

It turns out that when two people spend 12 months trying to make the other just like themselves, the only two options left on the table are 1) get a divorce or 2) grow up.

I am so thankful that we didn't give up. Over the next year, we spent all the time we could investing in our marriage. We got our finances in order, found a wonderful church, and went to as many marriage conferences/classes that we could find.

During our healing process, I started realizing something very important... Men are extremely visually driven, and there is nothing wrong with that. It's just how they are wired.

Therefore, my husband is going to get his visual stimulation from somewhere... and want to help make sure he gets it from me.

So I decided that I would start being more intentional about what I was wearing when he came home from work. Instead of scrubs (from my job) or frumpy "tired clothes," I started wearing skirts, tank tops, and dresses.

Not every night... but enough to where it was special for him.

Ever since having my breast augmentation, it's allowed me to have even more fun with those types of clothes. I really enjoy getting a little dressed up for him and surprising him at the door.

Of course he isn't the reason I got my breast implants, but they have definitely enhanced our marriage in a very positive way.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Thanks for being so candid with your story, Jenny Eden. I agree that it's important to emphasize that the purposes behind an augmenation should not be to fix a relationship, but there are many examples like yours in which a renewed sense of confidence has helped improve your approach to a relationship.