Doing Yoga with Extra Large Breast Implants

Yoga is my favorite form of body conditioning.


Exercising after an augmentation

Exercising in whatever form you choose is something you may be super keen to get back to as soon as you can after your breast augmentation. First up, ALWAYS follow your surgeon’s advice about exercise downtime following surgery. Only start exercising once your surgeon clears you.

For me, getting back to my yoga practice was super important! But, I’ll be honest, yoga with large implants can present some… challenges! Even though my 600cc implants are barely touching the cusp of "XL" implants! (600cc+ are considered XL breast implants).

I wanted to share with you some of the ways I’ve overcome the ‘bigger boobs’ yoga barriers.

My 375cc overfilled to 425cc breast implants

Following my first augmentation surgery (with moderate profile implants) I didn’t experience too much difficulty lying on my stomach or doing chest exercises.

My 550cc overfilled to 600cc breast implants

Second time round (with bigger, high profile implants) I notice a huge difference in my yoga practice. Lying on my stomach can be uncomfortable as I end up feeling like I’m balancing on two chest balls!

Some poses are more challenging, for example:

  • Shoulder stands - when I drop into plow pose my breasts end up smothering me!

  • Low lunge - my knee pushes uncomfortably into my breast.

  • Downward dog or inverted poses - my breasts do not stay put!

So, my solutions with the poses where larger implants are a combination of:

  • Wearing a special workout shirt with a high neck (still wearing a super supportive sports bra, of course). The girls now pretty-much stay where they should!

  • Not getting frustrated! Keep calm and work into each pose. Frustration gets you nowhere.

  • Modifying poses. The practice of yoga should be you working into poses as much as your body allows. So, with larger implants you modify as you go.

When you’re cleared to get back to your exercise of choice take it steady. Breast implants suit every lifestyle so you will, with time (and possibly modifications) get your exercise groove back AND figure your own unique work-arounds to possible challenges of exercising when you have larger implants.