Dealing with a Jealous Sister After Getting Breast Implants

Envy… jealousy… the green-eyed monster! However you refer to it, there is usually an element of ‘I wish I’d gone bigger’ about breast implants!


We call this ‘boobie greed’… as in, you wish you had gone bigger. This tends to happens a lot when we start seeing our friends get a breast augmentation and watch their own boob progress. #boobiegreed

But, what happens if it’s your actual sister who is jealous of your breast implants?

Sibling (boob) rivalry

Siblings. You gotta love em. Or not! Families are, in a word, complicated! You might have a totally awesome relationship with your sister(s) and think you know each other inside out.

Whatever your relationship with your siblings, it can come as a surprise if you ended up getting a case of reverse boob greed from one of your siblings!


But… it does happen!

So, how do you survive it?

Surviving reverse boob greed

Imagine the scenario:, you’re merrily making your way through your breast augmentation journey, all the while deliberating about the size to pick for your breast implant size (FYI: preparation is key here to manage your ‘size’ expectations post-op), all goes well and you’re out the other side living life with your new girls… then, something throws you off course.


That something is your sister!

It can come as quite the surprise, especially if your sister had been cheering you along pre and post-op, that as soon as you’re out the other side of early recovery and your new breasts are settling, your sister’s boobie greed monster comes a-callin.

Sucker punch!

Dealing with reverse boobie greed is kinda the same as dealing with any kind of jealousy.

Try and re-frame your sibling’s envy:

  • A breast augmentation is a BIG confidence booster. Your sister will see not only your bust enhance but your confidence too. We should all cheer on the successes of those we love but sometimes it just takes a little time to catch up. Giver your sister space if she’s taking a while to take in the new you.

  • Jealousy (in small doses) can be a good thing. Yes, really! It’s a weird kind of flattery.

  • Listen and be sensitive of other’s feelings. Genuinely, once you look into the eyes of the green-eyed monster it can be a whole lot less scary. If you’re both open to (sensitively) talk about it, it can be good to get all the feelings out in the open.

If you do encounter a case of reverse boob greed from a sibling it can be quite a surprise! Remember, it’s not just you adjusting to your new girls. Your nearest and dearest might not fall in love with the ‘new you’ quite as quickly as you do. If you re-frame any sibling boob rivalry and hear each other out you have a good chance of taming the boobie greed and being back to normal.