Bikini Competitor Danielle Vaughan Talks Breast Implants

Jenny Eden: There are women who participate in the fitness and training space, and then there are women who completely dominate it. Not only is Danielle Vaughan a Nutritional Therapist, Training Professional, National Bikini Competitor, and Evogen Athlete. This girl is busy!!

Danielle is super sweet, but she's also very bold... All of us can understand how much vulnerability it takes to openly share about something as personal breast augmentation, so let's give Danielle a warm welcome as she speaks into a very personal area of her life.

Danielle Vaughn Fitness Model
Danielle Vaughn Fitness Model

Why Danielle Decided to Get Breast Implants

I grew up always very flat chested. I was a girly girl and always very self conscious of that part of my body. When I was 20, I decided I just had to go ahead with a breast augmentation and make it happen, or I would just keep dreaming about it forever.

So I had a couple consultations and took out a loan to pay for it. I went to a local plastic surgeon in my city, and he was great. I got 425cc high profile silicone breast implants placed under the muscle, and that put me at a small D-cup.

Exactly a year later, I felt like my boob size wasn’t proportionate to the rest of my body. Being 5’6, 130lbs, and a fitness competitor, they were ok, but they didn’t stand out as a feminine feature on me. And with all the training I was doing, they started to sit further apart then I was comfortable with.

So I saved up the money this time, went back to the same plastic surgeon, and I got 600cc’s of the same high profile silicone breast implants. My plastic surgeon cut out the old scar and pulled tissue in on the side of my boobs so they would be tight and sit more centre with minimal scarring. He was awesome.

Since then, I have stopped training my chest or anything that affects the way my muscles push on the breast implants. I have been 110% satisfied with them, and I feel like the size suits my body perfect. :-)

Danielle's Advice to Women Considering Breast Implants

My best advice would be to go for it! I have never met another woman unhappy with getting a breast augmentation. You will love it, and it's a big confidence booster.

I would also say to always go for the slightly bigger size. They are never as big on your body as you think they will be.

Another thing I do and always advise women is to do is wear a sports bra regularly after breast augmentation surgery. Always to bed and at the gym, and a regular bra during the day. Keep them “strapped in” and take care of them so they settle how you want and you don’t have major separation like I did.

Danielle's Favorite Thing About Having Breast Implants

I would have to say that my result from my augmentation is my confidence. Filling out a shirt or a bikini would make any woman feel good! :-)