Changing Your Breast Implant Profile!

Do you ever wish sometimes that you had a totally different look…

New look

It’s really not all that weird to suddenly want a different look from your breast implants. It happened to me!

Changing implant profile

The profile of a breast implant refers to the amount an implant projects from the sides and from front to back.


The profile of a breast implant is one of the ways you can get the ‘look’ you’re trying to achieve. ‘Look’ (natural or augmented) being one of your boobie goals.

My first breast augmentation in 2010 gave me quite a natural look. I’d opted for moderate profile breast implants, which don’t have a lot of projection and are wider (so I had broader, flatter breasts).

A few years down the line I started to reconsider the look I was getting from my original breast implant profile. I guess my style had changed! I wanted a more augmented look so I choose to get a breast implant exchange, opting for a high profile (more projection) implant. Higher profile implants are narrower, project more and give more upper pole fullness (and, for me, gave me more cleavage!).

Change is ok

We are not static beings! What we like, how we look, how we want to look like are all subject to change in our lives.


The same goes for you and your relationship with your breast implants.

No matter how long ago your breast augmentation was, if you want to change the look of your breasts you may be considering an implant exchange. One key way to change the look of your breasts with implants is to change profile.

A breast implant exchange surgery to change the profile is often an easier surgery than a first augmentation procedure, and it may even cost you less!

If you’re struggling or feel stuck with the breast implants you originally opted for you don’t have to feel guilty if you want to swap (or exchange) your implants to achieve the look you’re after!