Celebrating Your Breast Implant Birthday!

After a count down to your breast augmentation, you may find yourself suddenly counting up... 



...all the way to your Boobie-versary.

Your Breast Augmentation Anniversary

The meaning of anniversary- "the day on which an important event happened in a previous year", totally applies to the date you have your breast augmentation! The date of surgery is definitely an important event for women who have breast implants.

But actually celebrating your boobie birthday?! Yeah, it's a real thang girl!

Your Boobie Journey Timeline

Time is such an interesting (and, honestly, sometimes frustrating!) part of your boobie journey. From a slow countdown to times of impatience during your recovery, time seems to have a way of following it's own set of rules.

boobie journey

It generally looks a bit like this though:

  • You count down - from your early research, to picking a consultant, through to your countdown to the day of surgery.

  • The big day - the day of your surgery (this gets called 'day 0' in the BA community).

  • You counting up - every day after surgery gets called POD (meaning 'post-op day').

  • Your milestones - the first time after surgery you doing something quite normal, but that takes a bit of time to get back to while you're recovering. You'll refer to these as things like 'first shower POD 2'.

Once you’ve sailed through your early days of recovery and start to feel more like yourself and your breasts start to D&F you can find yourself celebrating even the smallest of achievements (first shower, first blow dry, and buying your first new bra).

And then comes the actual anniversary of your big day. After a whole load of days, weeks and months with your new girls you'll reach the big 1-year post breast augmentation milestone.

Happy 1st Boobie-versary!

It might seem strange to think of yourself celebrating the anniversary of your surgery but for some women getting breast implants is such a huge positive step in their life that it's definitely worth celebrating!

Some of us are loud and proud and we love to share our life (and boobie) journeys far and wide, and some of us are more conservative and (quite literally) keep our cards close to our chests. Either way, if you choose to mark the anniversary of your new girls you won’t be alone.

After all, any excuse for cake, right?!

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

It's always great to celebrate milestones and this one is no exception. Those first few days after surgery may feel like they're moving slowly, but before you know it the first year after surgery will have flown by. It's also a good reminder to check in and let us know how you're doing.