Can I Get An Underboob Tattoo With Breast Implants?

After a breast augmentation you may start looking at your body in a totally new way. 


That sense of excitement about your new additions may steer to other forms of body embellishment. Like... an underboob tattoo!

Girl, whether you’re just deciding to get your first tattoo or you’re all about the ink, you wouldn't be alone if, after your breast augmentation, you opted for a tattoo underneath your breasts.

Whether it'll be your first ever tattoo or not there’s a few things you should know about going under the tattoo artist’s needle after a breast augmentation.

Safety first

First up, let me tell you... it is totally safe!

Your skin is made up of 3 layers: epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue. When you get a tattoo the needle goes into the dermis layer about 1-2mm.


If the needle went in any deeper than 1-2mm you'd experience greater pain and run the risk of infection. THIS is why (like picking your surgeon!) you need to pick an experienced, reputable tattoo artist - so you know they’re performing their artistry under safe conditions.

Crucially though, that needle is short and will get NO WHERE NEAR your breast implants!

Timing is everything

If you're opting for some chest ink after your breast augmentation timing is KEY.

Expect to hear from your surgeon that you should wait at least 3-6 weeks after surgery before getting a tattoo at any location on your body. You should be allowing the healing process tot take place and giving your body a bit of a break!

If you're entrusting your body to a tattoo artist who practices a great, sterile technique the risks of infection when getting a new tattoo are low. However, tattooing involves a break in the skin which can allow bacteria access into your body. And, if you didn't know already, bacteria introduced to your body after a breast augmentation is linked to capsular contracture. Your body treats your new additions (the breast implants) as a foreign object and they tend to attract any abnormal bacteria within the bloodstream. So, time your tattoo just right so you're not taking an unnecessary risk.

Sometimes your own surgeon may recommend that you wait even longer! This beautiful instagram babe, Erin (@Erinscissrhands), was told by her surgeon to wait at least 3 months (to allow for her incisions to completely heal and for her implants to fully settle) before she underwent this amazing full chest tattoo. It was important for her to wait until the swelling went down after her breast augmentation so her tattoo wouldn’t become distorted.


After you've waited the time recommend by your surgeon you too can, safely, add art to your body!


To find out more, check out my IGTV video on this very subject.