Is God Mad at Women Who Get Breast Implants?

God and breast implants... a combination of two things I never thought could create so many questions and controversy, but a topic that I get asked about all the time... sometimes in a genuine kind of way, and sometimes in a no-so-kind kind of way.

Today, I want to address this issue of God and breast implants. My thoughts will probably be fairly jumbled, but I trust you can hang with that.

Whether you're an Atheist, Muslim, Jew or (in my case) Christian, I don't think you should ever be ashamed of the way you chose to walk out the spiritual side of your life. I also don't think anyone should feel the need to walk around with a megaphone that's reserved for those moments when they are talking about their faith.

Personally, I have to approach this conversation from my own Christian worldview, because I have no right to speak from any other place. My hope is that you experience me coming from a place of love and grace.

You probably aren't going to agree with everything I say...

And I have to let myself be ok with that. If these next few thoughts bring even one person freedom to choose for themselves whether or not they should get breast implants, then I'll consider that a win.

As we dive in, you deserve some context around my spiritual background.

I was fortunate to grow up attending a Christian elementary school, but I quickly strayed from my convictions in high school.

I never stop believing in God, I just wasn't a fan of the Church as a whole. I saw a lot of Christians using God and the Bible as a bat to hurt others, and I decided I didn't want to be a part of that.

Fortunately, as an adult, I've learned that I can call myself a Christian without participating in condemning and minimizing the world view of other's.

Two years ago, my husband and I started a house church, I do a daily devotional each morning, and pray for all of you who are reading this regularly. And while I'm probably not your stereotypical Christian woman, I do strive to love God and love others as best as I know how.

So, what do boob jobs have to do with God?

Apparently, a lot! I've decided to approach this topic using the most common excerpts of emails I've either been forwarded from women considering breast implants, or emails sent to me personally (followed by my thoughts.)

"Women who get breast implants are going to Hell. Congrats on participating in that."

Christian hate mail should be an oxymoron.

But apparently it isn't. Malicious, judgmental people who say things like this are interested in condemnation, not conversation.

All you can do is ignore them.

"God made your body, and it's a sin to change it."

Come on now...

If someone is going to be against breast implants, they also need to be against make-up, braces, tattoos, push-up bras, piercings, nail polish, and hair dye.

Should the decision to get breast implants be weighed more heavily since they require plasitc surgery? Absolutely! And so should Lasik eye surgery.

The last time I checked, there's no chart in the Bible that says personal cosmetics are ok and plastic surgery isn't.

"Will God be mad at me if I get breast implants?"

I believe God to be a loving Heavenly father.

And since my husband just became a father, I asked him to weigh in on this question...

I know that I can't fully comprehend the amount of love that God has for us. My love for my new daughter is like nothing I've ever felt before, and I can't fathom a love any greater.

That being said, there are only a couple circumstances where I would be mad at her for getting breast implants: If she was getting them to feel like she was valuable, or to make a man love her, or because she didn't feel like she was enough without them.

To be clear, my anger wouldn't be coming from a place of "but you were perfect before." It would be coming from a place of her not believing that "you're perfect no matter what."

Well said, sweetheart :-)

What does the Bible say about getting breast implants?

Nothing. Unless you want it to.

Look... the Bible has been used as justification to start wars, kill children, and make slaves. Taken out of context, you can make it say whatever you want it to (which is why I didn't feel the need to include Bible verses in this post.)

Personally, it feels pretty arrogant to speak with absolute confidence on behalf of God. After all, his ways are above our ways, and his thoughts above our thoughts.

Like I said, you probably aren't going to agree with all of my viewpoints. But good news! I'm not God :-)

If you truly feel like you are going to receive negative judgement from your spiritual community or family for getting breast implants, then pray about it. Ask God what he wants you to do and trust him to give you a clear answer.

From my experience, God is in a good mood, and he's on our side. I believe that he wants us to have good things and to find our self-worth in Him—and if we're doing that, I don't see any reason why He wouldn't be all for us getting braces, Lasik, or a breast augmentation :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

I truly wish I had a handle on every major religion's absolute rules on plastic surgery. It would make me better at guiding my patients.

The problem I have run into is that I can't find a great guide.

Religion is, for most of us, an interpretation guided by experts. My advice in almost any situation, here or otherwise, is to follow what you follow, believe what you believe, and try and understand that when someone else disagrees, they are likely doing so from a position that was arrived at with a lot of thought and effort.

What I know is this: I've never regretted acting with grace, using love as a guiding force, or asking forgiveness when I screwed up.