Choosing to Breastfeed After Your Breast Augmentation

Breastfeeding is a challenging thing for a lot of women. (Trust me, I’ve been there!)


A deep-seated expectation that you’ll take to this totally natural thing our bodies are designed to do just doesn’t match up with reality. Breastfeeding is hard! REALLY hard. Mentally, physically, emotionally… all of it.

Breast implants, then kids, then breastfeeding

If you are at a point in your life where kids are a part of your plan but not yet and you’re considering getting a breast augmentation you may be wondering what the impact of getting breast implants will be on your ability to nurse. In fact, the decision you might be facing is:

Do I get breast implants before or after I have kids?

The answer to this is as personal as the decision itself.

If the question you’re hung-up on as part of this decision is will I be able to breastfeed with breast implants? then the answer is a simple one: very likely, yes you will.

Getting breast implants does not typically damage the milk-producing part of the breasts. A breast implant is always placed behind your own natural breast tissue so the structures of the breast responsible for producing milk (in lactation) are not altered in a breast augmentation surgery.

There is one way of getting a breast implant inside the breast that may impact on future breastfeeding and that is when you opt for a nipple (areolar) incision. Areolar incisions are used very infrequently now due to the risk of complications from the surgery itself.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a breast augmentation, and you haven’t started your family yet but you know you want to be able to breastfeed down the line, you should feel reassured that getting breast implants will not significantly impact on your ability to do this.

Breast implants are compatible with all different lifestyles and life changes… including becoming a mom who nurses her baby.

To find out more about breast implants and how they would be compatible with your life consult with a Board Certified plastic surgeon :)