Elizabeth Feels Sexy Again After Her Breast Augmentation!

This is a guest post from Elizabeth. I love how she explains how she feels more complete after having a breast augmentation! Very touching!

Well hello ladies! Let me just express how happy I am to be sharing my experience on this wonderful community of women who are either looking for inspiration regarding breast augmentation, in the process of healing, or living and loving life with breast implants.

For women who are blessed enough to have an amazing set of fully-developed breasts, this may seem totally irrelevant.

But for someone like me—who never grew enough breast tissue to even fill in an “A-cup" bra—breasts and how small or BIG they are has always been a big deal.

I made the decision to get a breast augmentation because breasts were something I always felt were missing from my body. It was obvious to the eye, and it was obvious in how I usually felt about that specific area in my body.

I am a very petite individual, and I was fed up of the typical, “No, you’re fine. Your body is proportionate” reply I would receive when it came to talking about getting an augmentation.

I needed to do something for myself.

I needed a change that would make me feel complete and also fulfill my dream of feeling completely beautiful!

It’s truly amazing how big of a difference having more volume in my breasts has made and in how confident I feel. I have always loved myself, and my new additions have made an amazing change in me!

My clothes fit better, my husband can actually have something to touch and caress, and I feel like my body is now entirely complete... I feel like a woman!

If you would like to encourage or follow up with Elizabeth, her Instagram is elisbreastaug.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Thanks so much for sharing your experience, Elizabeth. It's wonderful that Jenny Eden has created a forum, along with her online community, where women are comfortable sharing their story knowing how helpful it can be to other women who may be in their same shoes.