Breast Implants in the Long-Term

Depending when you first get breast implants, your relationship with implants could be a long one. So, what does a future with breast implants look like?

How long do breast implants last?

How Long Do Breast Implants Last?

Breast implants don't typically last a lifetime, and they'll likely need replacing at some point in the future. When in the future depends on whether you need to change them due to a complication, or you wantto change them.

About* (*all statistics vary!) 1 in 5 women will have a revision in the first 10 years after a breast augmentation. Otherwise, it's a myth that you have to replace breast implants every 10 years.

The "change them every 10 years" thing came from cases of implants rupturing. An implant will 'age' over time, and the risks of rupture do get greater the older it is.

Modern implants are getting more and more sophisticated and the chances of rupture (and other complications!) are getting less and less. In fact, most reputable implant manufacturers offer a lifetime guarantee to cover implant rupture that requires surgical intervention.

Meaning, they'll replace the implant (for free) and often they provide some financial assistance towards surgery too (usually there's a around a 10-year time limit to the money bit).

If there is nothing wrong with your breast implants it would be a totally unnecessary surgery to change them!

So that "change them every 10 years" thing should probably be "change them only if you have problems!".

When do I need to get new breast implants?

The most common reason for implant exchange in the longer term (10+ years) is change.

When do I need to get new breast implants?


  1. A size change- bigger, smaller, or removal.

  2. As you get older and your breasts head South (implants do not make you immune to gravity) an implant exchange may also be combined with a breast lift.

  3. To fix something. Complications aren't fun to talk about, but they do happen and it's important to be aware!

If you do find yourself having a 10+ year relationship with your breast implants it's prudent to get everything checked out by a plastic surgeon, who may recommend an ultrasound and/or MRI just to check on the girls.

Breast implants need a lifetime of care. If you're investing money and time there is no reason why you can't have a long and happy relationship with your new girls. And the key message if you find yourself having a 10+ year relationship with your implants is: you don't have to remove perfectly good implants!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Most women are surprised to hear this during their consultation, but it's true that modern implants are designed to last a very long time. The 10-year number that many women find as they research comes from a few different things like FDA studies, but in the end, Jenny Eden is absolutely right in saying that if you're not having any issues with your implants there's no reason to change them.