Do My Breast Implants Have an Expiration Date?

I’m sure you’ve heard about your breast implant’s expiration date, right? Every 10 years. Or is it 15?

I’ve got great news, your boobs won’t magically expire on any particular day. There isn’t a certain year or even decade that a timer will go off and you’ll have trade those girls in for a new set.

In fact, you might just keep those same breast implants your entire life!

Do breast implants expire?

It occurred to me that there might be some ladies out there thinking that they have a life filled with breast surgeries ahead of them. Unless you just want to revisit your plastic surgeon on a 10 year recurring schedule, lets chat about why you might ACTUALLY need a revision one day.

Ruptured Breast Implant

A rupture is a tear or hole in the shell of the breast implant. Rarely an explosion like I imagine when I hear the word rupture.

Ruptured Breast Implant

If a saline implant were to leak, you would notice your breast getting smaller as the breast implant deflates.

A silicone breast implant rupture on the other hand might be harder to notice. Often times the silicone will leak from the shell of the implant but remain in the capsule created in your breast.

Since your body won’t just absorb the silicone, like a it would with a saline implant, be aware of these signs of a “silent rupture” in your breast.

  • Pain or soreness

  • Change of breast shape and contour

  • Swelling

  • Hardening or softening of the affected breast

Be sure to notify your doctor if you suspect a leak in your implant. He or she can confirm or rule out a rupture with an imaging test.

Capsular Contracture

Any time a foreign object is placed in the body, it forms a thin soft membrane around the object that we call a capsule. In most cases the capsule stays soft, but occasionally it begins to harden causing the implant to ride higher or not move as freely.

Treating a capsular contracture is a good reason to return to your plastic surgeon for a corrective procedure.

Luckily, with surgical advances, measures can now be taken by your surgeon, to reduce the likelihood of another capsular contracture.

Sagging or Bottoming Out

Bottoming out refers to the implant dropping low under the breast, creating the appearance of the breast mound being below the nipple.

Sagging on the other hand, is just a part of aging. In both natural and augmented breasts, we are all subject to some droopage later in life.

Whether you choose to keep your youthful look or not, is totally up to you!

breast implant complications

Changing Breast Implant Size

Women sometimes choose to change their breast implant size to a smaller or larger cup size. While this isn’t a necessary revision, it is one of the most common reasons that women go back for a second breast augmentation.

This is good news, right?!

Women aren’t just going back to their plastic surgeon because there’s a problem. Often they are going back because they CAN have their cake and eat it too!

Upsizing your breast implants

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Jenny Eden is right on point. There isn't an expiration date for implants, so as long as your happy with the way that they look and feel, there's no reason to change them. There are a few main reasons, as she mentions, that women may need or want to have them changed over the years, but aside from those scenarios, implant technology is so good now that we expect them to last for long time without issues.