Can Breast Implants Inspire a Fitness Journey?

Addressing what you’ve long seen as a main body issue can lead you to switch your focus to another part of your body. So, if after a breast augmentation you find your attention diverted to other parts of your body don't be surprised. It's perfectly normal.

AND it's one that can lead many on a fitness journey.

Could your boobs actually make you fitter?!

Breast Implants May Inspire a Better Whole-Body Self Image

I’ve seen a certain story play out across the online breast augmentation forums... women who think that getting breast implants will make them instantly love their entire bodies.

That's not to say you won't! But for some it seems to just highlight other areas of body concern. Boobs won’t magically make you love the rest of your body.

It gives you the motivation to work on other parts of your body

For most getting breast implants and then working on other parts of their body is a healthy process... striving to better yourself. To better your ‘self body image’.

Averting your attention to the rest of your body can be a positive thing. For many women, going on their boobie journey actually leads them on a fitness journey. :)

working out with breast implants

For some women, it’s getting fit and in shape that causes them to lose their breasts (the boob shrinker brigade) that leads them to a breast augmentation as the final part of their fitness journey.

Whichever way the journey plays out, boobs seem to alter our body focus.

Cosmetic surgery can help you improve any self-perceived physical imperfections. Having breast implants makes many women feel better about their bodies. This isn’t a physical benefit, it’s a psychological one.

If you find after your surgery you start a fitness journey just make sure you put on your sports bra and clear any weight-based activities or anything that uses your chest muscles (especially in the early post-op period) with your plastic surgeon.

Breast Implants Don’t Make you Vain

Fitness with breast implants

Sad as it is, you will always come against people who think that any body-bettering is vain. Just remember- lions don't lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. These kind of positive life changes are for yourself.

Getting breast implants won’t actually make you fitter BUT by making a positive change to how you see yourself it can give you the confidence to address other body issues... and positively too.

Healthy breasts, and healthy you :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

We do see this happen pretty commonly, and of course it's not the implants themselves, but I think instead the overall motivation that women experience from feeling more comfortable with their body after an augmentation.