5 Things I'd Tell My Pre-Breast Augmentation Self

What would I tell my pre-breast augmentation self if I could? Quite a few things to be honest.

While I try not to waste much time focusing on regrets and wishing I could do things differently, I have learned a few things that are worth passing on. My hope for this article is to help you make your breast augmentation experience as exciting and helpful as possible!

1. Get in Breast ImplantCommunity, Girl!!

Oh how I wish there were a group of women who I could have asked questions about what to expect during my first breast augmentation! There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours searching online to try and find someone who has had an experience like yours, to no avail.

If you’re still looking for your village, you should join Bustmob, my 100% private and secret group for women who have or want breast implants! Bustmob is a safe place for women to discuss everything about the process, procedure, and life with breast implants.

While online forums can be helpful, there’s something much more personal about our little community (and your friends won't have a clue you've joined!)

2. Don't Buy Bras Too Early

It’s easy to get excited about new bras and lingerie and run out to buy them, even though you haven’t had your breast augmentation yet. Maybe you’ve told your plastic surgeon that you want to be a 34D, but there’s just no way to guarantee your cup size ahead of time.

So put that money in a coffee can and wait. Or at least keep the receipt. :-)

There’s also some risk in bra shopping a couple of weeks after your breast augmentation. Your breasts will have some dropping and fluffing to do which could take months! So do your shopping one bra at a time for those first few months.

Eventually you’ll settle into your perfect cup size and you can finally stock your lingerie drawer with the bras you’ve always wanted!

3. Soak Up That Before Breast Implants Stomach Sleeping

This may not be a big sacrifice for everyone, but it is for me! Knowing ahead of time that I would have some months of not being comfortable laying on my stomach, I’d be sure to really enjoy it.

When you can return to stomach sleeping will depend greatly on the size of your breast implants and your recovery time. Be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about his recommendations regarding this subject.

4. Invest In Your Breast Augmentation Recovery

For my recent revision, I approached my recovery a little differently than I did the first go round.

For one, I had my Boobie Butter and Aromatherapy Candles. They made a HUGE difference in my personal recovery, and it made me believe in them more than ever.

I was also easier on myself. Now there’s no need to be a complete diva, but this is not the time for you to try to be super mom or win employee of the month. Take your plastic surgeon’s advice about when to go back to work, how much lifting to do, and how long to stay in bed.

Don’t hesitate to hire someone to do some housekeeping or eat freezer meals for a while. Taking care of this investment is so important! Don’t short cut yourself on your recovery.

5. Enjoy the Breast Augmentation Homework

You have so many options surrounding your breast augmentation. Picking your date, shopping for the best plastic surgeon for you, and deciding on your Boobie Guide are all exciting choices you get to make before your breast augmentation.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with making the perfect choice and forget to enjoy the process.

For once, the homework is the exciting part!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

It's always so helpful to get advice from someone who's already walked down the path that you're considering. These are all great points, and I think step #1 is really important one so that you have an opportunity to get in contact with a large group of women who are interested in sharing their experiences.