5 Signs You’re a Breast Augmentation Expert

breast augmentation expert

If you’ve just embarked on your boobie journey there will be a LOT of breast augmentation stuff you’ll hear that will just wash over you. You’re a Boobie Novice!

It won’t take long though before everything breast implants starts to make sense. Here’s my top 5 signs to know when you go from clueless to clued-up.

You Go "Boob Blind" Looking at Boobie Guides


Let’s be honest, researching boobie idols is most men’s idea of fun! But, when you’re trying to find your ideal ‘look’ checking out ‘before and after’ pictures can make you go "boob-blind".

If it feels like you're getting lost and don't know what look you're after take a break, then check out my Boobie Guides.

You Know All The Boobie Guides

Plastic surgeon’s websites are a gold mine of potential boob size and shape inspiration... but patients are faceless and when you’re in the boobie community it can help to have a real life boob inspo.

When you’re no longer a boobie novice you’ll be able to rattle off a list of boob guides faster than Usain Bolt runs the 100 meter race... Hannah Polites, Ashlee Adams, Jen Heward, Lauren Mason, Kiley Fox, Cami Li, Eva Marie....

You Can Guess Her Breast Implant Size

And the up-side of seeing all these boob pictures is you may develop the ability to guess the cc’s of another implant sister.

It’s not a skill you can put on your resume but it makes a pretty good party trick!

You Know The 411 On All Things Breast Augmentation

You’ve heard, absorbed and even digested some of the more complicated information about breast implants and the surgery. Your face no longer contorts at new information and you know all the lingo.

You’ll be rattling off facts and stats on implant features, surgical techniques and, even better, you’ll be perfectly equipped to help out a boobie novice with your knowledge and experience.

You Become A Boobie Mentor

boobie sisters breast augmentation journey

Most likely when you’ve had your own breast augmentation you’ll find yourself chipping-in to social media conversations and answering questions with your own experiences.

You’ve stepped up from boobie novice to boobie mentor. Wear that badge with pride girl!

When you start out on a boobie journey you can get caught up worrying about all the little details and thinking there’s too much information to take it all in. Before long you’ll find your rhythm, you’ll pick it up and your confidence will grow.

Know one thing... from the minute you step in to the boobie community you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

It's the last one, the mentor role, that seems the most satisfying and that makes this such an interesting and supportive community. Bustmob is a special, special place and I am thankful it is full of budding experts.