How Breast Implants May Change Some Relationships

If you’re considering breast implants, then I’m truly excited for you and ready to be there at every step of the way! But just so you're prepared, it's important you know that getting breast implants may have an effect on your relationships with other people...

Breast Implants Will Affect You Relationship with Yourself

In an effort to find the perfect animated GIF to describe my first reaction to seeing myself after my breast augmentation, I ran across this one...

It's pretty accurate! Going from a B to a DD cup can be a pretty shocking experience, which can lead to many mixed emotions.

For me, it took a few minutes to catch my breath, and then I cheered—which hurt. But it was worth it :-)

The most noticeable difference I've noticed in my relationship with myself since breast implants is how much more confident I feel just being me. I love that I had the courage to go through with the procedure, and I'm really proud of myself for doing it.

Breast Implants Will Change Your S.O. relationship

I was so surprised about how getting breast implants increased the intimacy between my husband and I—and not for the reasons you might expect!

He took such good care of me during my recovery, it really brought us closer as a couple. He's not typically the gentle type, but he really showed me a different side of him those few days :-)

And speaking of animated GIFs, I could use the same one to describe my husbands reaction to seeing my new girls...

And then there were the changes you might have been expecting me to talk about! I've heard from hundreds of women that getting breast implants has brought their inner sex kitten out... and I wasn't an exception :-)

So obviously that changed our relationship for the better!

Breast Implants + Friends and Family (hit or miss)

Ok, I'm going to be honest here... friends and family are a crap shoot. There's so many different dynamics from relationship to relationship, that there's no way to predict how everyone is going to react.

For me, I've noticed a different kind of admiration and respect from my friends and family that I didn't have before. Maybe it's because of the way I'm carrying myself since my breast augmentation, or maybe it's because I showed them it's worth doing something for yourself.

My mom and dad were really hesitant of me getting breast implants, and would have said "No" if it were their call—but they haven't held it against me in any way. I've really appreciated that.

Finally, if I'm honest, I worried about it getting weird between a couple of my girlfriends, but it never did. I did my best not to flaunt my girls and keep bringing them up every chance I got, and they were all really happy for me.

I've heard some ladies talk about their friends getting jealous or catty with them, but are those really relationships worth hanging on to anyways? Probably not.

Will my boss notice my breast implants?

I was working a full time job when I first got my breast augmentation, and I chose to let my boss know I was getting breast implants.

Don't hear me wrong... I'm not saying that you should tell your boss. I just happened to have a good enough relationship with him to where I felt comfortable telling him why I was going to be out for a week (and moving slow when I returned).

With the exception of ladies who have gone extra big, I've heard the same story over and over. They were all nervous going back into the office on Monday morning, worrying about their boss's reaction. And you know what?

Their boss never even noticed.

Your a smart woman. Dressing yourself in a way that doesn't accent your bustline isn't too difficult to figure out. And even though my boss knew, nothing at all changed in our relationship.

Will the creepy guy at the gym notice my breast implants?

I'm not going to lie... this is typically the worst relationship change of them all. If you thought the creepy guys at the gym didn't have any self control before you got breast implants, just you wait...

There was one particular guy that would not leave me alone, and I ended up having to make several complaints to management before they threatened to revoke his membership if he didn't "stop being so creepy."

So with the exception of the jerk guy at the gym, I have been consistently impressed with how people have reacted to my decision to get breast implants. It's made the transition so helpful, and only affirmed that I made the right call :-)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

Most, if not all, women have thoughts about how certain relationships may be affected after getting breast implants. It's really helpful to hear Jenny Eden's experience and advice, and I would encourage you to also reach out to other women in her online community to learn about their experiences.