3 Questions with Stefanie Renee

There are few things more powerful in the world than a courageous woman. I've been around long enough to know that when any of us decide to take meaningful, calculated risks in our lives, a wonderful confidence begins to ignite inside of us. I see that confidence in actress and model Stefanie Renee, and I'm honored to have her as our guest today!

Stefanie Renee Model

Stefanie Renee Model

Jenny Eden: You have gotten to do some pretty amazing things in your life. What are some of the accomplishments or adventures that you are especially proud of?

Stefanie Renee: I would say my accomplishments that I am especially proud of are some of the jobs I have booked through acting/modeling. There are so many young, beautiful and talented woman out there trying to make it in this industry, that any job I book, I try to really appreciate it.

Two of them that I am especially proud of are my feature in “Dile Al Amor” a music video for Aventura, where I played the lead role “cupido,” and when I booked a cheerleader spot in Grown Ups 2. The music video was my first big gig, and I was around 18.

This really helped my confidence in the industry because I would always doubt myself while at auditions surrounded by beautiful people. Grown Ups 2 was more recent and that was just a blast to be a part of. Although I was an extra, I still got to be part of the whole filming process and I even got some personal acting tips from Adam Sandler!

Jenny Eden: Deciding to get a breast augmentation is a pretty big decision for many women. How come you decided to take the plunge and get implants?

Stefanie Renee: For as far back as I could remember, I felt like I was always waiting for my breasts to just GROW. While all the girls around me were going from training bras, to Victoria's Secret bras... I had nothing, and it really put a damper on my self esteem. I never really let anyone know, although friends had an idea because I acted pretty self-conscious in bathing suits.

In college, I lived with about 11 girls (a lot, I know) and a few of them had gotten augmentations, and I was really envious at how they looked.

I felt like they looked like women, and I looked like a little girl.

I was always embarrassed to ask my parents about it, because I didn't want them to know how insecure I was. But I finally built up the courage to talk to my mom about getting breast implants, and she was very open to it. Surprisingly enough, she spoke to my dad and he was open to it too. I guess they saw (no matter how much I tried to hide it) how insecure I was, and knew it would change my life.

To make a long story short, I ended up getting an augmentation in 2012 at age 21, and it was the best decision of my life.

I woke up in the recovery room SO HAPPY, and I felt like a brand new person.

The pain hadn't kicked in yet, so all I could do was smile. Even after the pain did kick in, (everyone is different) it really only felt like I had worked out my chest/upper body muscles way too hard and they were very sore. The pain medication took that discomfort away fully... and recovery went very smooth. I went from a 34AA to a 34C (D in push-up). To be precise I got 400cc saline, through the nipple, under the muscle on both sides.

Jenny Eden: A lot of women who will read this are trying to decide if they should get an augmentation. What advice would you give to someone who is unsure if they should go through with it?

Stefanie Renee: The advice I would give to someone who is unsure if they should go through getting implants is to do your research on doctors, talk to woman who have gotten the surgery already, and really evaluate your options. Woman get augmentation for many different reasons, but it is still surgery and someone is still operating on you, so I would suggest NOT cutting corners.

There are a bunch of different aspects to consider such as size, over or under the muscle, how it will be inserted, what type of implant... and depending on your body and appearance some may be better options than others. As far as being nervous about the surgery, I understand...

I was so nervous I almost called it off while on the operating table!

Its surgery... but it's performed hundreds of times every day! It is so common, and such an easy procedure that theres nothing to be afraid of. I'd do it again any day.

The recovery is different for everyone but it's quick and easy to deal with. The pain killers do the job, and I only had to take them for a few days anyway. I would suggest requesting a low dose of Valium for the first couple days or so, because of possible muscle spasms that could hurt, and the pain makes it a little difficult to sleep. The sedative helped me get through the first two days (truly a life saver.)

Jenny Eden: And finally—just for fun—what have been some of your favorite parts about having breast implants?

Stefanie Renee: The overall confidence that finally having breasts has given me is the best part. I mentioned earlier that I woke up after the surgery so happy... and I still feel the same happiness almost three years later.

Getting a breast augmentation is the best decision I have ever made.

I feel prettier, sexier, and more feminine, and I recommend this procedure to anyone who thinks they may need it.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

A great interview and there is a lot of good insight that Stefanie shares. I appreciate her noting the importance of paying attention to the details in choosing her surgeon and how that person helps her navigate through the process.