3 Terrible Reasons That Women Get Breast Implants

I will be the first to admit that deciding to get breast implants was one of the best decisions I've ever made. I absolutely love being able to fill out tops, going shopping for something sexy, and the additional romance in the bedroom has been fantastic!

And as you can imagine, I've heard just about every justification under the sun for women to get a boob job—most of which are great!

However, there are three reasons that I believe to be unhealthy at best and dangerous at worst.

Reason #1: To Feel Beautiful

Many women believe that getting breast implants will make them feel beautiful. But here's the truth...

Feelings are created from the facts we already believe about ourselves.

In other words, our lives are a lot like this train...

Fact Fuel Feelings Train

Fact Fuel Feelings Train

The facts we believe about ourselves get fueled by what we allow into our lives, and our feelings are the end result.

If we want to feel beautiful, then we have to know we are valuable, worthy women. No amount of plastic surgery will create lasting happiness, but fueling our lives with positive, uplifting truth will!

Simply put... getting a boob job will only enhance the beauty you've already discovered within yourself!

Reason #2: To Please a Significant Other

This one really gets to me y'all... anytime I see a women getting breast implants to please their boyfriend, husband, etc., it simply breaks my heart.

If your significant other is pressuring you or making you feel less beautiful because of your breast size, they're the ones who are broken—not you.

It goes back to the train illustration above. The negative fuel that you are allowing into your life is causing negative feelings. I sincerely hope that your significant other enjoys your decision to get a breast augmentation—but that should be the result, not the reason!

Reason #3: To Finally Be Happy

Look... I get it. It's so easy to believe that something like breast implants can be the magic push that takes you from almost happy to happy. But I can promise you that if your goal is happiness, then you will be completely disappointed. It's just like Eleanor Roosevelt said...

"Happiness is not a goal. It is a by-product."

Happiness is a by-product of being a confident woman who makes healthy decisions for herself. It's a by-product of knowing that you are beautiful, significant, and happy with or without bigger boobs.

If you are considering breast implants, I sincerely hope that you take the time to evaluate the core reasons why you'd like to take the plunge. And if you sense any of these three reasons rising to the surface, you owe it to yourself to introduce some healthier "fuel" into your life before you make the final call.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

I really appreciate that Jenny Eden has included this in her series, as we certainly feel that first and foremost it is key to make sure that the motivation to have a breast augmentation is for the right reasons.

I know that many women have also it very helpful to discuss these kinds of topics with women in her online community.