12 Sexy Outfits to Rock Your Implants On Valentine's Day

Ok, this is going to seem silly, but I used to really hate Valentine's Day. I mean, don't get me wrong... I love chocolate as much as the next girl, but it always felt like a forced celebration to me. I realize this is a lame way to look at it, but going out to dinner because it's "what you're supposed to do" never did make me feel sexy or special.

That's why it really caught me off guard when I found myself looking forward to it the first year after I got my breast implants. I'll bet I spent 6 straight hours looking at clothing that were a little more sexy, a little more naughty, or a little more see-through than I normally wear. And every year since has been exactly the same :-)

So instead of it being an excuse to go out, make this year's Valentine's Day an excuse to take something off :-) I'll help you get started with my favorite options to showcase your breast implants this Valentine's Day!

'Nothing But Net' Underwire Bra by Free People ($58)

I love the little sparrows on this beautiful fishnet bra and thong set. My only gripe here is that it only goes up to a 32/34 D-Cup, which would be too small for a lot of women with breast implants. But let's be honest... it probably isn't going to be on long enough to matter anyways. Be sure to see the matching thong right here.

'Victoria' Sheer Lace Top by Hanky Panky ($82)

I just love the simplicity and sexiness about this top. Sure, the brand name is lame, but there's nothing lame about how amazing your boobs will look behind that gorgeous pattern.

La Dolce Rose Bombshell Bra by Victoria's Secret ($62)

Victoria's Secret promises to "add 2 cups" with their Bombshell bra, and I know a lot of women with a breast augmentation who swear by this bra. So if you're looking for a very Valentines-y push-up bra, this could be the one!

Chantilly Lace & Satin Gown by Victoria's Secret ($88)

I wanted to make sure to include at least one evening gown, and I couldn't pass this one up. It's definitely got a level of modesty to it, and yet somehow, it's begging to be taken off.

Lace Halter Babydoll by Victoria's Secret ($30)

Lace halter bras are all the rage, and I was really excited to see Victoria's Secret introduce a baby doll that would be perfect for showcasing your girls for Valentine's Day this year!

Lace Boatneck Babydoll by Victoria's Secret ($40)

This is a great option for when you don't want to wear something that's over-the-top provocative—but that's still super sexy! It's not made from spandex, but is form fitting enough to make your breast implants look awesome this Valentine's Day :-)

Sexy Mesh Bodysuit by Rene Roff ($23)

I have a feeling that this bodysuit is a little more see-through than the pictures below reveal. I've personally never worn a bodysuit, but this is one I would definitely try! The spaghetti straps and deep v-neck would definitely give your special someone an easy entry to your girls as well.

Sexy Floral Garder Set by Rene Roff ($24)

I love the game of peek-a-boo that these big floral patterns create on this sheer top. Not to mention, it would help camouflage any not-so-perfect areas in the mid-section :-) You can find the lace-up thigh highs right here as well.

Sexy Dotted Garder Set by Rene Roff ($23)

If you're looking for a sheer top and thong set that's a little more subtle than the one above, I think you'll love this one. Those little polka dots are just lovely and won't get in the way of making your boobs front and center of the attention! (These are the same thigh high as linked to above.)

Caged Fishnet 2-Piece Bra Set by Rene Roff ($18)

I really wanted to include something that you could wear under a Valentine's Day outift that would 1) be a nice surprise for your significant other to discover, and 2) make your breast implants look AMAZING.

Lace-Up Stretch Lace Bustier by Frederick's ($39)

If you want to make your Valentine do a little work to claim their prize(s), this lace-up bustier from Frederick's of Hollywood will be perfect. It comes in black and white, and is sure to set the stage for a night that neither of you forget for a long time :-)

Shadow Stripe Open-Cup Bustier by Frederick's ($39)

"I didn't get breast implants to hide them behind anything." If this sounds like you, then forget about making them wait... Put it all out there and rock your completely exposed boobs in this open-cup bustier!

I can't wait to hear about what you ladies end up picking out for Valentine's Day this year. Do something special for your significant other... not because you have to, but because you want to :-)