Will You Have Different Sized Breast Implants?

Whether you’re totally new to all things breast implants or you’ve been doing some online research for a while now there’ll be some bits about breast augmentation that… surprise you.


Take, for example, breast implant sizes.

Yes, breast implants come in a wide variety of sizes but, did you know, some women get different sized breast implants in each breast?

Why would this be?

Different before, not different after

So, there’s actually a simple answer to this one! We are all unique. Our breasts are unique. In fact, each of our breasts is unique.

Ever heard the phrase “they’re sisters, not twins”? Well, what this means is that our breasts are not identical, in shape or size!

The differences between a woman’s breasts is referred to as asymmetry (basically meaning ‘not the same’). Some women have a greater degree of size asymmetry between their two breasts.

If you place a 300cc implant in breasts that are asymmetrical in size, the size asymmetry would still be there after surgery.

This is one of the amazing things about plastic surgery; the ability to correct asymmetry.

A skilled Board Certified plastic surgeon will be able to identify (through visual and physical examination during a consultation) the degree of asymmetry in a woman’s breasts and be able to select, if appropriate, the right sized breast implant for each breast to even them out to be the same size after surgery.

Some of the implant sizing decision is made pre-surgery and some of it is done in surgery using (sterile) sizers; so the surgeon can actually visualize the right sized implants for your body.

This is why you see some women in my online BA community Bustmob getting a 375cc implant in one breast and a 425cc implant in the other (or whatever).

The other way to correct an asymmetry is via a breast lift.

Whether you’re aware of a size difference between your breasts, or your Board Certified plastic surgeon highlights it to you, one of the amazing things about breast augmentation is that such a wide variety of implant sizes means, after surgery, your breasts can be even in size.