Why You Might Be a Good Candidate for a Breast Lift

You’ve taken the plunge and decided to consult a Board Certified plastic surgeon about a breast augmentation.

Go girl! More power to you!

Girl Power

Any initial excitement at addressing something about yourself you’re not entirely happy with may be tinged with a few big questions.

Like: will I need a breast lift?

Lift me up

If the reason you’re considering breast augmentation surgery is to restore fullness and youthfulness to your breasts you may be thinking what’s already there is a bit.... saggy.

It’s fair to say that most women don’t walk in to a plastic surgeon’s office and specifically asks for additional scars on their breasts! A lift may not even have crossed your mind at the point you decide you want to get breast implants.

Yes, a breast lift is a more-involved surgery. But it is a really useful surgical procedure.

Whether or not you need a lift depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

Common reasons a breast lift is performed include:

  • Sagging/drooping – the position of the nipple is below the center of the breast. A lift can reposition the nipple to restore the youthful, perky breast look (with or without an implant).

  • To change the shape of the breasts – age + time can lead breasts to become elongated. A lift can help reshape what’s already there.

Whether YOU will need a breast lift is a question that can really only be answered in a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon, following an exam.

However… you can get a rough idea by….

Standing in front of a mirror, topless. Raise your arms straight up above your head. If you like the look of your breasts AFTER the arm raise (versus before) you may benefit from a breast lift.

And if a consultation with a Board Certified plastic surgeon puts the option of a breast lift (i.e. you are recommended to have one) on the table but you’re still not sure, you may consider getting a second opinion.

After all, each surgeon will have their own unique skills, experience and preferences around breast surgery. But if you’re hearing from multiple surgeons that you need a lift and choose to ignore their advice it may be that you come back to this again at a later date anyway. Just food for thought, girl!