A New Saline Breast Implant I'm So Excited About

Let’s talk about shoes and breast implants for second…

Last year for my birthday I got a pair of Nike Free 3.0’s, and sometimes I wear them to work with my scrubs. (Don’t hate!) One of my auditors loves them and always complements how cool they look. Well, last week she comes in with her Nike 5.0’s, and suddenly my 3.0‘s felt outdated. Do you know the feeling? I can’t lie...

That’s exactly how I’ve felt about saline breast implants.

Now don't get me wrong. I love my saline breast implants. And although I’m totally happy with my decision, they can seem pretty outdated! Silicone breast implants are definitely the cool kids on the block, having had so many upgrades over the past 20 years. Yet saline breast implants have remained virtually unchanged.

I’m sure I’m not alone by wishing there was a breast implant option that didn’t ripple, felt natural, had great projection, and lacked all the alleged health and silent rupture risks. If that’s you, then I have great news!

A brand new saline breast implant has been in the research phase for the past 4 years, and has been submitted to the FDA for approval.

This new saline breast implant is called “The Ideal Implant.”

The shell of this new saline breast implant has been designed in such a way that it greatly reduces rippling and feels very close to a silicone breast implant. The shell actually has 2 filling chambers, and the implant itself is more rounded with really nice projection. (see below)

Ideal Breast Implant

Ideal Breast Implant

The Ideal breast implant is currently undergoing FDA trial studies in 502 women, and the second-year results were recently released and are very promising.

Approximately 95% of both patients and their plastic surgeons expressed satisfaction at the current two-year data point by the FDA. Last week I talked about why I chose saline instead of silicone, and I have to say that I am really excited about following the progress of the Ideal Implant. In fact, it was featured on "The Doctors," and I've included the video below. Minus the awkward interaction between the plastic surgeons, it's a really good clip.

Thoughts from Dr. Glenn Davis

Ideal Implants are now FDA-approved, following comprehensive studies that demonstrated good outcomes alongside other types of implants. The structured form of the Ideal Implant enables it to behave and feel more like silicone implants, while still only containing a saline fill.

It seems to be the best of both worlds, particularly for women interested in saline implants.