Why I Chose Saline Breast Implants Instead of Silicone

For many of us, choosing whether to get saline or silicone breast implants will not be an easy task—I know that it wasn't for me.

It’s a little like asking me whether I want cake or pie.

Both are great, but tomorrow I might want something different than I do today. Give me 10 options and I can easily narrow it down to 2... but give me 2 options, and that’s where I hesitate.

This is where a handy pro/con list came into play. The list was close. Almost too close. For me, the deciding factor came down to ruptures or leaks. It's a real possibility, and when that day comes, which will I feel the most comfortable with?

I knew if I had a leak with a silicone implant, it would probably be a “silent leak.” This is where the implant doesn't rapidly deflate, but slowly leaks out over time. Sometimes the silicone will stay in the capsule, but sometimes it doesn't.

Being the borderline hypochondriac that I am, I knew I would constantly worry that a potentially harmful substance was leaking into my body.

On the other hand, saline breast implants are filled with the same sterile saline salt water solution that is found in hospital IV's (sodium chloride). I thought this was great

In the event that I do have a rupture, my body knows how to safely absorb the solution.

I try to live my life as healthy, and organic as I can. I have a little garden, love local foods, work out 4-5 times a week, and juice for dinner a few nights a week... you get the idea.

Since I am very intentional about my lifestyle, I wanted my breast implants to mirror that part of my life.

Knowing that my body will definitely be ok if my breast implants ruptures gives me a wonderful peace of mind.

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

This really comes down to personal preference. In general, most silicone implants will have a feel that is more like natural breast tissue compared to saline implants.

Understandably, some women would prefer to know immediately if there was a leak or rupture of an implant, in which case saline may be the better option for the reasons that Jenny mentioned.

That being said, it's very rare that a silicone implant ever ruptures, and there are no harmful effects if that were to happen by some chance.

Now that we have Ideal (structured) implant, there is a good option for women who prefer the peace of mind of saline, but also want a more natural feel to the implant.