Which Breast Implant Feels the Most like Breast Tissue?

When you’re thinking about getting a breast augmentation you might, naturally, start to think about the feel of your breasts with implants.


I get asked a LOT which breast implants feel most like breast tissue.

Straight up, there is no exact answer to this question!

The reason I can’t give you an exact answer is that it depends on a few things. Let me explain…

What IS natural?

First up, what makes natural breast tissue feel… well, ‘natural’?

Natural breast tissue varies in how it feels because it depends on the amount of fibrous (dense) tissue the breasts have.

More fibrous tissue = firmer breasts

Less fibrous tissue = softer breasts

Depending on the amount of fibrous tissue in your breasts and the point you’re at in life (i.e. whether you’ve had kids, nursed, lost/gained weight) your perspective of what natural is will be unique.

So, depending on what type of ‘natural breast tissue’ feel (firmer or softer) you’re hoping for, the implant that will be the ‘most natural’ feeling will vary.

Amount of natural breast tissue

Another factor is how much of your own breast tissue you’re bringing to the breast augmentation party!

Once the breast implant is placed inside the breast, the feel will depend on how much natural breast tissue you have to start off with. That’s because (whether your implant is placed under or over the chest muscle) a breast implant always lies underneath your natural breast tissue, so how much you have will determine how ‘cushioned’ the breast implant is.


Even a saline breast implant (which are the firmest type of implants) can give a woman a natural-feeling breast after a breast augmentation if she has a lot of her own natural breast tissue covering the implant. On the other side of the coin, if a woman with very little natural breast tissue gets a firmer implant, her results will be on the firmer side because of less cushioning from her own breast tissue.

Type of Breast implant

Across the board, silicone gel implants are accepted as the most natural feeling type of implant.

Saline breast implants are a firmer implant type, especially when overfilled.

There are different versions of silicone gel breast implants, with varying levels of firmness (or cohesiveness). The softest kind of silicone gel implant is a ‘responsive’ gel (specific to Allergan’s Inspira). Firmer silicone gel breast implants are considered “highly cohesive”.

Silicone gel firmness is measured in cohesiveness (it’s a science thing to do with how tightly the silicone molecules are huddled together inside the implant filling!).

There are soooo many implant options that there’s an implant feel for everyone! Make sure you communicate your breast augmentation goals to your board certified plastic surgeon and they can help guide you to the best breast implant for you.