When Over the Muscle Breast Implants Might be a Better Option

Girl, you've got a lot of choices ahead of you when you decide to get a breast augmentation!


One of your 'surgical' choices (that is, what happens in your actual surgery) is whether you have your breast implants placed over or under the chest muscle.

Over The Muscle Breast Implants

Let's focus on the 'over' the muscle placement. Overs refers to implants that are placed in front of the chest (pectoral) muscle and behind the breast tissue.


Over the muscle placement is also called sub-glandular placement.

Where to have your implants placed might be something you spend a bit of time thinking about if you have either placement option available to you. Your surgeon will tell you what all your options are during your consultation.

Sometimes though there's only one choice that will suit your lifestyle, or give you the kind of 'look' you're aiming for.

When to choose 'overs'

You'll probably find a lot of differing opinions online about what's good (and bad) about each implant placement option!

You might also notice that there's a bias towards implants placed under the muscle being the "better option". Don't get hung up on this! There is no superior implant placement... there's a place for both options, equally! It all depends on you (as an individual) and your augmentation goals.

Over the muscle placement of breast implants might be the best placement for you if:

  • You have an extremely active lifestyle - if you love crossfit and/or your exercise routine involves a lot of chest work, having your implants placed over the muscle will help you avoid something called flex distortion (when implants placed under move with your chest muscle). If you opt for overs you can do as much chest work as you want (get your surgeon's blessing first on when!) and lift heavier weights than the boobie sisters who opt for unders.

  • You have a lot of existing natural breast tissue - if, pre-surgery, you have a good amount of natural breast tissue you can still get a natural look from breast implants placed in the over position as your existing breast tissue will cover the implants well.

  • You want an augmented or 'fake' look - implants placed over the muscle can look as natural as unders. However, if you're specifically looking for an augmented look you may get this more easily with implants placed over the muscle as they can be 'more obvious' than unders - assuming you have little breast tissue to start.

There's pros and cons of whichever breast implant placement you choose. When you've chosen the right surgeon for you (another of your choices!) and trust their recommendations you should feel reassured that whatever placement you go for will be right for you.