What Breast Implant Profile Is Perfect For You?

How to choose a breast implant profile

There’s a lot of options when you choose your perfect breast implant... saline or silicone, anatomical or round, smooth or textured... and profile.

One of the choices to make when picking your perfect breast implant is what profile to select.

Different Breast Implant Profiles

Breast implants come in several different profiles. Depending on the implant manufacturer there are 4 main types: low, moderate, high and ultra (or extra) high.

But wait, what exactly is profile?

Profile refers to how much the implant projects forwards when standing

Basically it means how much it sticks out from the side. So, naturally, the profile of the implant will affect your augmentation results.

Why So Many Breast Implant Choices?

Our bodies are all different and we all have unique boobie goals. Breast implants therefore come in different profiles so they can be matched to your existing breast anatomy while giving you one key thing: a choice of size.

You're going to need to know how you want your enhanced breasts to look, and to help you decide on which implant profile will achieve your goals you'll need to ask yourself the question:

How much do you want your breasts to project?

Which Breast Implant Profile?

Breast implants have a few different measurements:

  • Volume - the amount of silicone or saline inside the implant, measured in cubic centimeters (cc’s)

  • Diameter (or width) - how wide the implant is at from side-to-side, measured in centimeters (cm's)

  • Projection - how far the implant sticks out (projects) if you measure it from the side, measured in centimeters (cm's)

To understand which breast implant profile is right for you a plastic surgeon will measure your existing breast width diameter (BWD). It's a measurement (in cm's) of the widest part of the bottom of your breast.

(They use a special measuring tool to do this so don't try to DIY)

Your BWD limits the width (or diameter) of implant you can have. Most plastic surgeons work within 1cm of your BWD otherwise you can start to distort the breast.

If the breast implant is too wide for your anatomy it can result in your implants touching in the middle, or hanging off the sides of your chest (some sideboob is nice but not when it's half way round your back!).

Generally, as implants get bigger they get wider.

So, what do you do if you want more volume but you can't go wider than your BWD? You change the profile of the implant.

different breast implant profiles

By changing the profile you can keep the width the same (so it fits your body) but you get more volume by increasing the projection of the breast implant.

If your BWD is small but you're hoping for extra-large boobies, you're going to need a high profile implant. This profile implant would be narrow enough for your BWD, but project enough for the volume you need to achieve the look you want.

How To Choose the right Breast implant profile

The good part about all this choice is:

The perfect implant for your boobie goals is out there!

Know that this is not a decision you have to make alone. The expertise of your plastic surgeon is key.

Breast implant selection is pretty technical, and profile is just one part of your perfect implants. Take a load off girl and let your plastic surgeon do the math! :)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

I have seen many hundreds of people to talk about breast augmentation. I bet less than 5 have walked into the office really understanding implant profile and all of it's implications.

If this doesn't make that much sense to you. . .don't worry. A big part of my job is taking complicated topics like this and simplifying them in person.