Selecting Breast Implants When You’re Super Lean

Breast implants can work with any body shape!

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When You’re Slim and lean

Each and every body shape brings its own unique starting point to the breast augmentation table!

If, for example, your body shape is on the leaner side, in considering breast implants you may be wondering what kind of difference it will make to you. More specifically, how breast implants can change your breast size and shape.

If you’re naturally slim you’re likely to be starting out with less natural breast tissue. So, a big point of consideration for women with a slim frame is how ‘obvious’ their breast implants will be.

Think: will you be able to see implant wrinkling/edges? Will they look natural, or more augmented?

Ask your surgeon

This is where the consultation with your Board Certified plastic surgeon steps up to the plate!

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In the consultation, your surgeon will establish what your existing breast anatomy is. After discussing your breast augmentation goals (what you want to achieve from surgery - size/shape/look), your surgeon will guide you to a breast implant that will work best to achieve your aesthetic goals.

For example, in a leaner breast, a saline implant will be more obvious and will likely give you a more augmented look and feel. Same can be said for a highly cohesive silicone gel breast implant (gummy bear) because they keep their shape better at the top of the breast and tend to be on the firmer side.

For those wanting a more natural look and feel, reach for a sientra 106, or an Allergan Soft Touch may be best to feel more like breast tissue and give a softer appearance.

Breast augmentation surgery and breast implants are not one-size-fits-all - and that’s a good thing!

Whatever your body shape, there will be some things you can change with a breast augmentation and some things you can’t! During your consultation with a plastic surgeon you will be able to achieve a truly tailored surgery, working with your existing anatomy (whatever your body shape) and your personal augmentation goals.