How to Get an Augmented Look with Your Breast Augmentation

There’s no getting away from it… a breast augmentation is a BIG financial investment. So you should definitely be focused on spending your money to get a surgical outcome you’re happy with.


You might not be sweating the financial side of things too much when you’re focusing on the positive effect a breast augmentation will have on your body confidence. But… you’ll still be thinking about how to get the best outcome with the investment you’re making.

This is where knowing your augmentation goals is super important!

Know Your Breast Augmentation goals

Augmentation goals are basically what you want your breasts to look like after surgery. This could be things like the size, shape and how your breasts feel with breast implants.

When we talk about breast augmentation goals we also refer to two key ‘looks’. One of these is the ‘natural look’, which is quite simply that you’re aiming for your breasts with implants to look (and/or feel) as natural as possible.

The other look is the ‘augmented look’. It’s basically the opposite of the modest/natural look!


If you’re aiming for an augmented look you likely won’t care if others know that you got a breast augmentation!

With an augmented look your breasts after surgery may have one or all of the following features:

  • Fuller upper pole - the augmented breast look has a distinctive fuller upper pole (the top part of your breasts), even without a push-up bra! Choosing a breast implant that is more form stable will give you more definition at the top of your breast.

  • Less sideboob - some sideboob will happen but if you want more obvious sideboob this is a characteristic of a lower profile implant which can give a more natural appearance.

  • Bigger - Getting much larger breast implants can be one way to achieve an augmented look.

How to get the Augmented look

Your existing breast anatomy is one of the factors that determines what your post-surgical outcome will be. Along with your ‘before’ breasts (tissue, skin etc), the kind of implants your get will also determine what your post-surgical ‘look’ will be.

If you’re looking to get an augmented look (or even just one of the elements of the augmented look) from your breast augmentation be sure to share your goals when you consult with your Board Certified plastic surgeon. Your surgeon will guide you to a breast implant choice that works with your existing anatomy to give you the best outcome you’ll be happy with.

When you know what you want from your breast augmentation you give yourself the best chance of having a long and happy post-surgical relationship with your new breasts. Knowing what ‘look’ you want is one of your key augmentation goals to figure out. Some women aim for an augmented look from their surgery by aiming for fuller upper pole, and a much bigger, round breast shape!