What are “Tubular Breasts” and What Can I Do About Them?

Today I'm very excited to have doctors Michelle Spring and Luis Macias from Marina Plastic Surgery answer the question, "What are 'tubular breasts' and what can I do about them?"

“Tubular” or “constricted” breasts are not just small or underdeveloped breasts. It is a name for a type of breast shape, of which there is a spectrum of the condition which can vary from mild to severe. This means that some have mild forms with only a couple of the defining features and others have all of the features. It is a condition related to the development of the breast gland, areola, and skin.

The defining features are:

  • Enlarged, puffy areola complex with herniation of breast tissue
  • Wide spacing between the breasts
  • Narrow breast base
  • Tight inferior pole – the distance between the nipple and the fold may be short
  • The breast may be positioned higher on the chest wall or barely develop at all
  • Both breasts may be affected similarly, or there may be dramatic differences between them

Tubular Breasts Before and After an Augmentation by Marina Plastic Surgery

Tubular Breasts Before Augmentation
Tubular Breasts Before Augmentation
Tubular Breasts After Augmentation

Breast implants are often required to create a stretching of the lower portion of the breast, and to fill out a narrow base. There are additional technical considerations to prevent double bubble deformity as patients with constricted breasts are at a higher chance of this occurring. (A double bubble is when you see your natural breast as one bubble, then a second bubble is seen lower which is the implant.) The good news is that surgery can result in fuller, rounder, more beautiful breasts.