Breast Implant Secret Language, Part 2

Welcome to the second installation of The Secret Language of Breast Implants! (If you missed round one, you can catch up here.) When you start your boobie journey you will definitely come across some unfamiliar terms. Are you ready to learn some of the most common ones?

Grab a pencil- it's time to learn a new language!

Boobie Blues

After being so excited about your surgery you may experience a post-surgery anti-climax.

Any surgery is a big deal. In the early days and weeks after breast augmentation surgery it’s quite common to experience fleeting bouts of doubt and depression.

You may find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster after surgery, experiencing feelings of joy and elation one minute and guilt, anger and sadness the next.

If you look in the mirror and you don’t instantly like what you see, know that it’s really too early to determine anything. Take each day at a time. Tap into your support network (like and stay positive.

Hang in there, you’ll be back to feeling like yourself before you know it.


In the first few hours after my breast augmentation surgery everything felt numb (yay to the anesthetist who had my pain under control!). Then, as the anesthetic wears off you start to think "oh, I’m NUMB ". Both my entire breasts AND my nipples were numb.

Breast numbness is a normal post-op side effect. Any time you have breast implant surgery, nerves are going to be damaged, or at least stunned by the trauma of it, and it takes time for the feeling to return.

As those damaged nerves heal you will start to have zingers! A zinger is a sharp, shooting pain that comes and goes and last for a few seconds at most.

Breast Implant Secret Language, Part 1

If you have to ask yourself "was that a zinger?" it probably wasn’t one! You’ll KNOW when you have one... short, sharp owwwwww.

Try and see zingers as something positive... your body is healing, and better still your nerves are coming back to life.

Boobie Greed

This is the feeling you get post-op of wishing you’d gone bigger. It doesn’t even sound as if it could happen when you’ve just had breast implant surgery, does it? But it happens. Most of us will experience this feeling at some point.

I really can’t say this enough: be patient. If you are early on in your recovery then you have a lot of changes ahead.

By 6 months - 1 year after your breast augmentation, your results should be fully developed.

One of the best pieces of advice I can give you is to chart your progress in pictures. Take photos of your boobs before your breast implant surgery (including in bras, swimwear and any clothes you might feel you don’t fill well) so you can take the same pictures after and compare.

Just know that one day you will wake up and no longer have Frankenboob, you'll be past the boobie blues, no longer waking up with morning boob, the zingers are a distant memory, the D&F fairy has visited and you’ve beaten the boobie greed.

Welcome to the wonderful world of breast implants :)

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

These things are real, people, but they're temporary. I've heard of women writing down their reasons for augmentation and their goals before surgery so that they can refer back to them after when the normal psychological ups and downs occur. I think that's a great idea.