Breast Augmentation and Upper Pole Fullness

Breast Augmentation and Upper Pole Fullness cleavage

Breast implants can make your breasts larger, but they also give your breasts a new shape. When you're figuring out what your Boobie Goals are, upper pole may be something you should take into consideration!

Upper pole is the top part of your breasts, from the nipple up.

Will I get Upper Pole Fullness with Breast Implants?

Why some women get upper pole and others don’t is down mainly to existing anatomy.

The choice of breast implants and the surgical technique used also factor into your end result.

After your breast augmentation you may have obvious upper pole due to swelling and temporary implant placement. From the side, your breasts may bulge at the top because the breast implant hasn’t dropped yet (settled down in to the pocket), the muscle is holding it tightly in place higher up your chest (with implants placed under the muscle) and you have a whole bunch of swelling.

Will I get Upper Pole Fullness with Breast Implants?

It gets better though!

Patience is sooooo important in the early days and weeks (even months) after your breast augmentation. You wouldn't be alone if you liked the upper fullness of their breasts before the swelling had gone. BUT you gain so much after drop and fluff... you'll be able to manipulate your breasts in to the shape you want with the right bra!

No natural breast has upper pole without a bra.

This is also true of many women with breast implants! All breast implants gradually descend (it's just gravity girl!), and the only way to maintain upper pole fullness is to wear a push up bra.

If you see a woman with upper pole without a bra it's probably because she's opted for an augmented look and had the natural anatomy to achieve those goals.

Generally the larger, the wider, and the higher the profile of the breast implant the more chance of getting upper pole (it’ll fill out the breast better and help enhance the tissue in the top part of the breast).

Saline breast implants have a stronger shape and firmer contours so when it’s a good fit with your natural breast (before surgery) you’ve also got a good chance of getting upper pole fullness.

If you'd prefer a silicone breast implant choose a cohesive gel as they're designed to keep their shape. So, any upper pole you get should stay (bar gravity affecting your natural breast tissue of course).

As this is an art though and not an exact science it's really important to let your Board Certified plastic surgeon choose the best implant for your anatomy and your goals. Your surgeon's skill is key to achieving your boobie goals!

In the BA community you’ll hear upper pole mentioned a fair bit, but whether you get it or not after your BA will depend on your anatomy, the implants you choose (in collaboration with your surgeon) and your surgeon's technique.

If upper pole fullness is one of your augmentation goals make sure you tell your surgeon! The key to having a long and happy relationship with your new girls is to know what you want and how to share that with your surgeon :)

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

As Jenny discusses, the amount of upper pole fullness that you have once the swelling has gone down and the implants have settled is dependent on the characteristics of your breasts. Our main ways of providing less or more fullness involve the type of implant, the profile of the implant, and position of the implant.

Alongside our team of experts and using Vectra 3D imaging as a guide, we're able to find the combination that best meets your personal goals.