Things to Consider When Selecting Your Plastic Surgeon

When I’m asked ‘how do I pick the right surgeon for my breast augmentation?’ I have a very important answer:

NOT by cost alone!


It might sound like a strange answer but, let me explain why it’s my first answer…

Money, money, money

Ok, so there’s no getting around it, money is a BIG factor when you’re considering a breast augmentation. After all, it’s a big investment.

But… the cost (if you’re thinking less is better, you’d be wrong) should never be the deciding factor when you’re making a decision on who to carry out your breast surgery.

There are a few key cornerstones to picking the right surgeon: your gut instinct (whether you feel you can trust this surgeon), quality (of their prior surgeries), their credentials (that they’re Board Certified) and their experience (that the surgeon you choose has a lot of experience carrying out breast augmentations).

Feelings over cost

Your gut feeling about whether this is the surgeon for you should always trump what the price of surgery is.

Gut instinct

If you’re not 100% sure about the surgeon but you think the price they’re quoting sounds good this is a definite red flag for you! You should aim to pick a surgeon based on your level of trust over and above the cost.

Quality over cost

It goes without saying that you should be picking a surgeon that has a proven track record in delivering good results.


It’s logical that someone with a lot of experience could charge a higher price for their services - a premium. Don’t let the cost overrule a stellar experience. Look for patient testimonials, the surgeon’s credentials and before-and-after photos on their practice’s website to get a measure of the surgeon’s quality.

Experience over location

Sometimes we have to go the extra mile to find what we’re looking for. Literally. And you shouldn’t be afraid to think outside your local area to find the right surgeon for you.. someone who has the right experience.


Experience is especially important if your surgery is going to involve something more complicated than the placement of breast implants (like correction of tuberous breasts), or if you were seeking a corrective, revision breast surgery.

In any case, if you value your experience, location shouldn’t put you off a surgeon when you’re picking the right one for you.

Location over cost

To reiterate, cost should not be THE deciding factor when picking the right surgeon for your breast augmentation!

If you’re widening your search radius for the right surgeon it opens up many more options.


For example, if you’re looking further and you find a surgeon who has: the right credentials, a wealth of experience, evidence of good quality prior surgeries, and you feel you trust them to carry out your breast augmentation but they’re not local and they cost more than a surgeon closer to home it is important to refocus the lens you’re seeing this through. Location and cost are secondary factors… experience, quality and your gut instinct/ease with the surgeon are KEY.

Picking the right surgeon to perform your breast augmentation surgery is literally the key to kickstarting a long and happy relationship with your new breasts. You should always trust your gut, factor in the cornerstones and… never choose a surgeon based on cost alone!