Little Breast Implants Are a Big Trend

There’s quite a trend on the rise, especially among celebrities, and it’s coming in a smaller package. Many women are down sizing their larger breast implants for a more modest pair, or they are simply opting for a smaller pair to begin with.

It's becoming undeniable... there is a growing popularity of small breast implants in Hollywood!

If you watched my video about finding the perfect Boobie Guide for my upcoming revision, then you know that I’m not exactly jumping on this tiny boob job bandwagon. But that doesn’t mean that I’m not loving seeing ladies like Heidi Montag flaunt a new figure, that’s ever so slightly, enhanced.

Plastic surgeons confirm “Subtlety is in!” While the most commonly requested cup size used to be a D or DD, now women are more regularly seeking a modest B or C cup.

New York and Los Angeles areas are seeing the largest rise in the mini boob job, but will the trend spread? According to plastic surgeons around the globe, booty implants are getting bigger and breast implants are getting smaller.

Breast implants continue to grow in popularity, but continue to shrink in cup size.

The reasoning behind this trend varies. Some women claim to be hoping for a “secret breast augmentation” that they perhaps won’t have to explain to friends, family or followers.

Others say that with the advances in the durability of breast implants, they hope to not need another breast augmentation surgery down the road, with the assumption that smaller breast implants may require less maintenance.

Some women are even asking themselves “Do I want to be a grandmother with huge boobs?”

Granny with huge boobs? For me, that’s a YES! But I’m sending all my love and support to you ladies with subtle breast augmentations in mind. There’s a place in this club for all of us!

Thoughts from Dr. Michelle Roughton

This is such a great and timely article from Jenny. A common misconception is that any size implant will make your breasts look large in an unnatural way.

Actually, a smaller volume implant is a great way to simply fill out some volume that has been lost with pregnancies, or to just achieve proportions that help your clothes fit better. Some of my happiest patients are those who had modest breast augmentations.