Breast Implant Secret Language, Part 1

Ok, so it’s not actually a secret language, but you will surely come across several unknown words and breast augmentation phrases when you start your boobie journey. To keep it easy to digest I'll share a few of the ones that left me feeling confused in this article, and the rest in a later article (Part 2).

Are you ready to learn a new language? Ok, let’s begin!


This stands for ‘breast width diameter’.

It’s a measurement that most plastic surgeons take of your chest to help select the right size and projection of breast implant for your body.

You can always try to take this measurement yourself (I tried before my first breast augmentation surgery using a ruler!) but it won't be very accurate. Your plastic surgeon will use special equipment (calipers) to make sure they get this measurement right.


Nope, this is not a new Halloween character! Before I explain, keep this thought in the front of your mind: your boobs will not look perfect right away.

“They look too high and sort of square shaped”

Right after your breast augmentation your breast implants may be pushed up high on your chest due to the contraction of your chest (pectoralis) muscle. This is more likely if your breast implants are placed under the chest (‘unders’).

Your breasts may look square, oblong, flat, one may be higher than the other, one may be bigger than the other... basically, they may look weird and not at all ‘boob-shaped’ (and for that matter.. how you were expecting them to look). THIS is Frankenboob.

If this happens, take comfort in knowing it is only temporary... just as we can’t grow a pair of big ol' boobies overnight your new breast implants will take time to settle in to their final position. It generally takes a few weeks for your breast implants to start taking their shape.

Breast Implant Drop and Fluff (D&F)

What and what I hear you say?!

Drop and fluff refers to the healing process over the first few weeks and even months after breast augmentation surgery.

As your muscles and skin relax, your implant is said to ‘drop’ into its final position. And as things become less tight and your implant settles it will feel softer, filling out the lower portion of the breast and it is said to ‘fluff’.

This process varies tremendously from person to person but D&F happens to us all. It is the process of the breast implants settling in to your body and taking on their final shape and feel.

Morning Boob after your Breast Augmentation

This is a common post-op phenomenon... imagine this... you wake up in the early days after breast augmentation surgery and think “my boobs feel like rocks”.

If you’ve had a baby and breastfed it’s like that first morning you wake up and your boobs are so tight and full of milk! If you haven’t, morning boob feels a bit like cramps in your breasts.

Morning boob can take your breath away but don’t reach for the pain meds. The best thing you can do is get up and move around to help relax your chest. The tight feeling usually subsides within about an hour.

Don't freak out now... you can also get the feeling of morning boob the first few times after sex.

You'll be pleased to hear that waking up to morning boob will gradually become a distant memory.  Mine started about 4 days PO (post-op) and got better day after day until exactly one day before 4 weeks PO I remember waking up and distinctly thinking “no morning boob” (virtual fist bump!).

Stay tuned for more secret language in Part 2!

Thoughts from Dr. Jeremy Pyle

Jenny's site is the first place I realized how wrong it is that doctors use their language instead of the patient's language. Doctors will tend to use words like outcome when people say "what it looks like after" and breast instead of boobie.

I was shocked at one point to learn that more people search for "implants" than breast augmentation. Then I realized that no one has ever come up to me at a party saying they were interested in "breast augmentation". They say: Hey, Pyle, tell me about implants.

Well done, Jenny (though I still won't say boobie).